Sweeping health check focuses on modern veterans

Researchers have begun a sprawling check on thousands of recently-served Kiwi veterans, amid grave warnings a lack of health support could create a "lost generation".

Pharmacist assumes typo error – gives wrong dose to child

A pharmacist assumed a new treatment for slowing short-sightedness in children was a prescribing mistake and dispensed eye drops 100 times stronger than prescribed.


Opinion: Eric Crampton – bittersweet on Otago’s sugar tax response

New Zealand Initiative economist Eric Crampton responds to University of Otago researchers recent call for a UK-style soft drinks levy and their critique of the NZIER sugary drink tax report.

Public Health Expert: And now the Brits are doing it: A sugary drink tax...

From 1 April 2018, the UK is putting in place a type of sugary drinks tax – actually a “soft drinks industry levy”. This blog reviews how they are doing it, early signs of its success, and ponders its relevance for NZ. We also take this opportunity to point out some problems with a recent NZIER Report on sugary drink taxes.



Gas stoves linked to childhood asthma

Damp housing and gas stoves have been associated with about 20 per cent of childhood asthma burden in a study across the Tasman.


Anzac Day marks Fallen Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital’s 90th anniversary

Today marks the 90th anniversary of the opening of Hawke's Bay Fallen Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, the country's sole soldiers' memorial hospital.