Measles outbreak: What you need to know

People born between 1969 and 1992 might not be fully protected, health services warn and other questions

Study highlights racism Māori and Pasifika health experts feel on advisory boards

Māori and Pasifika health experts have spoken of racism, feeling "token" and ignored after being selected to take part in health advisory groups.

Worries over anti-vaxxers: DHBs say diseases like measles are being seen again as infant...

District health boards have anti-vaxxers in their sights, saying diseases almost eradicated in New Zealand are being seen again.

Select committee confirms inquiry into how health system treats Māori

Why Māori suffer worse health than other New Zealanders will be investigated by Parliament.

Give all Kiwis ‘comprehensive and affordable’ dental care: New Zealand Medical Association

All New Zealanders should have access to a "comprehensive and affordable" dental service, the New Zealand Medical Association says.

Groundbreaking Tauranga prostate research could improve life quality for older men

Groundbreaking research under way in Tauranga could improve the quality of life for older men worldwide with a common condition.

Lifesaving cancer treatment kits posted in Rotorua and Taupō

The first of 17,000 potentially lifesaving bowel screening kits have been posted to men and women aged 60 to 74 in the Lakes District Health Board area.

School pays for all pupils to be vaccinated for meningococcal disease

Kaihu Valley School Principal Sonia Simeon swung into action when she learned the school's 16 pupils were not eligible for free meningococcal vaccination.

AI model accurately diagnoses childhood diseases

Artificial intelligence could help paediatricians sort out the seriously ill kids from the ones with non-urgent conditions, like a common cold.

Smoking to be banned in cars when children under 18 are present, Govt announces

Smoking will be banned in cars when children under 18 are present minister, Associate Health Minister Jenny Salesa has announced.


Opinion: Dr Tracy Chandler – 5G, there’s nowhere to hide!

Our health is more important than having cars that talk to each other or faster movie downloads, states Dr Tracy Chandler (aka Dr Wellness) who says we should be wary of 5G.


Sponsored: Why the mitochondria are becoming the next big health topic

Health consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of cellular dysfunction when it comes to healthy aging and managing health issues