Mushrooms and memory: the new research

Researchers from the National University of Singapore have discovered that eating mushrooms two or more times a week lowers the chances of mild cognitive impairment, for the people participating in a recent study.

From no computers to valid assessments

CHT chief executive Max Robins says that after a shaky start, interRAI has now been implemented effectively and has emerged as a reliable assessment tool for building a better understanding of residents' needs.

Aged-care residents open-up about living well

What gives older people meaning and happiness in aged-care? A young nursing student has been exploring this question.

Opinion: Mark Rouse – Unintended Consequence or Government Dishonesty?

Mark Rouse believes there is a funding crisis in the Aged Residential Care sector where operators are obliged to observe a raft of necessary and ever-increasing compliance costs, while Government funding is not doing nearly enough to keep pace with the changes. He puts the case here for a change in attitude by the Government, essential to ensure that the market provides choice and will not be solely populated by large corporate operators.

Nurses are the Kiwi Heroes of new campaign

Mobile phone provider 2degrees is recognising the efforts of 48,000 nurses in New Zealand who dedicate their time to helping others in their community, with the launch of an exclusive new mobile plan.

Singapore checks out interRAI in New Zealand

A 16-member delegation of health professionals from Singapore were impressed with the way interRAI has been embedded in New Zealand.

Today is Advance Care Planning Day

Today is Advance Care Planning Day and Kiwis are being encouraged to start planning for their future health and end-of-life care.

Telltale Alzheimer’s signs may be widespread

Alzheimer's disease probably affects twice as many people as current estimates suggest, experts believe, but sufferers are yet to show symptoms.

New book for people with Parkinson’s and those who care for them

A new book on Parkinson's strives to discuss the concept of 'care' in all its complexity.

Opinion: Mary Breheny – Health equity in older age

Associate Professor Mary Breheny’s discusses the findings of her team’s longitudinal research which shows that health in later life is closely related to childhood socioeconomic status.


Opinion: Dr Tracy Chandler – 5G, there’s nowhere to hide!

Our health is more important than having cars that talk to each other or faster movie downloads, states Dr Tracy Chandler (aka Dr Wellness) who says we should be wary of 5G.


Sponsored: Why the mitochondria are becoming the next big health topic

Health consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of cellular dysfunction when it comes to healthy aging and managing health issues