Otago University Students’ Association introduces drug checking for O-Week

Drug checking - allowing students to check the substance they intend to take - is being carried out at the University of Otago this week, as part of Orientation Week, the students' association has announced.

Trial expanded to help more people with health conditions into work

A Canterbury trial which helps people with health conditions or disabilities to find and stay in work has been expanded to help hundreds more Cantabrians.

Smoking to be banned in cars when children under 18 are present, Govt announces

Smoking will be banned in cars when children under 18 are present minister, Associate Health Minister Jenny Salesa has announced.

Is it time for an updated nutrition survey in NZ?

Nutrition experts are calling for an updated national survey to see what New Zealanders are eating, with claims that inappropriate nutrition has taken over from smoking as the number one health issue facing New Zealanders.

Water discolouration prompts Kawerau District Council to halt chlorination

The Kawerau District Council has put a temporary stop to chlorinating the town water supply, while it looks to solve water discolouration issues.

Is rural domestic violence even worse than we thought?

Women who live rurally are more likely to experience domestic violence, says Rural Women New Zealand, but the true number may be even higher.

Shift work can affect pregnancies

New research shows that shift work for mothers is associated with reduced fetal growth and longer pregnancies.

What does the EAT-Lancet report mean for New Zealand?

New Zealand organisations and experts respond to the major new report advocating a ‘planetary health diet’.

More tests don’t always equal better care

Just because tests and treatments are available doesn’t mean we should always use them, claims the Council of Medical Colleges.

New plant-focused diet could transform planet’s future

A new ‘planetary health diet’ would prevent millions of deaths a year and avoid climate change, says a new report published in The Lancet.



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A closer look at the risks of dehydration – particularly for older people – and what can be done to reduce these risks.