Christchurch mosque shootings: Mental health helpline inundated with calls

A mental health helpline has been inundated with calls following the massacre at two mosques in Christchurch.

New Zealand’s high poison deaths a concern, expert says

Experts are calling for tighter restrictions on some mental health drugs following new figures that reveal an alarming number of people have died after taking them.

Alliance Group launches mental health initiative

Alliance Group has launched an innovative mental health programme to raise awareness about suicide in the workplace and make it easy for staff to seek help.

Looking beyond the pills – a new approach to mental distress

Sara Carbery talks to visiting psychologist Dr Lucy Johnstone about how a new approach to mental distress can work in the New Zealand context.

More funding announced for mental health facilities

The Government has announced an additional $22 million for the construction of new specialist mental health facilities at Hillmorton Hospital in Christchurch.

Let’s Gumboot Up, New Zealand!

Editor Jude Barback is one of the 21,000 New Zealanders who have joined the I AM HOPE social media campaign so far.

Youth Mental Health: One-size-fits-all approach not working

Schools and communities say the funding for youth mental health initiatives needs to be directed to them directly to so that programmes suit the specific needs of their young people. By Ruby Harfield.

New study of 23,000 teen cannabis smokers confirms link to later mental health problems

Cannabis use during adolescence is linked to an increased risk of depression and suicidal behaviour in young adulthood, a new study has found.

Overhaul in mental health service provision needed for elderly

A new study suggests a need for an overhaul in mental health service provision and research to help some of New Zealand's most vulnerable citizens. By Ruby Harfield.

Opinion: Dr Tracy Chandler – Why more and more younger people have an inability...

Dr Tracy Chandler (aka Dr Wellness) talks about why she is seeing an epidemic of younger and younger people with fatigue and an inability to cope with life.



Sponsored: Hydration – Why is it so important for older people?

A closer look at the risks of dehydration – particularly for older people – and what can be done to reduce these risks.