Funding boost for age-friendly projects

Community Connects grants are enabling Councils and community groups around New Zealand to engage in age-friendly projects.

Health expert calls for tobacco-style tax excise for alcohol

Alcohol Healthwatch says every New Zealander would benefit from drinking less.

Auckland DHB calls for increase in legal drinking age

The Auckland District Health Board is the latest to join the growing list of DHBs wanting a crack down on booze.

Summer injuries have cost ACC $3.4 billion over five years

Sunburn, bug stings, trips and falls, and run-ins with the barbie hotplate cost hundreds of millions of dollars in injury expenditure each summer.

Opinion: Dr Matthew Croucher – have dementia services improved?

Clinical Lead for the South Island Dementia Initiative Dr Matthew Croucher describes our increasing rate of dementia as a wall of water bearing down on us. He looks back to 2009, when the South Island Dementia initiative was born, and asks ‘where are we now?’

Falls prevention in action

Our favourite correspondent Joe Rodrigues – who turns 98 on today! – is an advocate for falls prevention and was invited by the Health Quality and Safety Commission to share with viewers his mobility exercises that help keep him stable.

Unfair care: What’s going wrong in the health system?

The Fair Care? series has revealed pressure points and outright failures, with causes ranging from a lack of skilled workers to poor planning. A summary of findings can be found here with links to full reports.

EY report into impact of tobacco excise on smoking rates released

Increasing the price of tobacco continues to be the single most effective tool for reducing tobacco use, an evaluation on the impact of excise increases says.

Former child sex offender granted clean slate to work in aged care

A former teacher convicted of repeated sexual offending against an 11-year-old boy has been granted a clean slate so he can work in aged care, despite objections by those in the industry.

NZ trial offers hope against severe mood disorders

Researchers are eyeing a fresh way to help Kiwis battling with severe mood disorders.


Opinion: Dr Tracy Chandler – You are not a number

As we embrace the New Year, Dr Tracy Chandler (aka Dr Wellness) says we should be celebrating our uniqueness and aim for a one-size-does-not-fit-all approach to your health.


Sponsored: High performance requires energy

A world-first, mitochondria-targeted CoQ10 antioxidant can keep us fighting fit – even as our mitochondria start to slow down as we age.