“Aged care under-staffing is hurting everyone” – summit

Unions are calling for a review of staffing standards in residential aged care - and for new and better standards to be made mandatory.

Meeting 120 Kiwi Centenarians

A new book 'Keepers of History: New Zealand Centenarians Tell Their Stories' by Renee Hollis celebrates older New Zealanders and their contribution to society.

Urgent need for dementia services in New Zealand

Dementia support services need more funding to keep up with growing demand.

New Zealand’s high poison deaths a concern, expert says

Experts are calling for tighter restrictions on some mental health drugs following new figures that reveal an alarming number of people have died after taking them.

Eight primary care projects set to improve outcomes

Equity was the key focus of the Health Quality & Safety Commission’s Whakakotahi 2019 selected projects. Eight successful primary care projects are aimed at improving health outcomes for their communities.

Push for every school leaver to have first aid education

Following the UK's move to make first aid training compulsory in state schools, St John New Zealand are pushing for the same in Kiwi schools so that  every school leaver graduates with basic first aid education.

Is it ever too late in life to start exercising?

A new study shows that it may never be too late for adults to become physically active and enjoy some health benefits.

Technology overuse putting people at risk of ‘digital dementia’

So-called "digital dementia" could be harming our brains more than we realise.

Sleep, baby, sleep

Professor Rosemary Horne is one of the world’s leading experts in paediatric sleep and sudden infant death syndrome. She talks to Jenna Ward about her distinguished career.

Disappointment at CGT pushing alcohol and sugar tax off agenda

Health advocates are disappointed but pragmatic that alcohol and sugar tax reforms were sidelined by the Capital Gains Tax recommendation in the Tax Working Group’s final report. By Fiona Cassie



Sponsored: Hydration – Why is it so important for older people?

A closer look at the risks of dehydration – particularly for older people – and what can be done to reduce these risks.