Shouting to be heard: the worrying effects of noise in early childhood education services

Susan Bates raises concerns about the potentially damaging effects of the high noise levels in many early childhood education centres in New Zealand and asks: what is being done about it?

Royals launch new mental health initiative, Shout

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have teamed up with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on a new mental health initiative.

Two-thirds of parents say lack of time to eat well impacts their emotional and...

Nearly three quarters - 73 per cent - of all parents surveyed opt for takeaways either once or twice a week.

People with dementia calling for acceptance and respect

People with dementia in New Zealand have come together to release a declaration calling for acceptance and respect. By Ruby Harfield.

Dementia research key to supporting vulnerable Kiwis

Important research is being launched today based on experiences of people living with dementia in an effort to support some of the country's most vulnerable residents. By Ruby Harfield.

What about body donation after euthanasia?

As New Zealand considers a bill looking to legalise euthanasia, an Otago University ethicist considers it’s time to shine the light on the ethical complications surrounding body donation and assisted dying.

New safe sleep device guidelines to reduce SUDI

New Ministry of Health resources will help infants have quality sleep, while also protecting them from SUDI (sudden unexpected death in infancy).

An App for the quick diagnosis of brain injury

It should be possible, in the not-too-distant future, to use an App on your phone to diagnose whether a knock to the head could have long-term health consequences.

Praise for Piki: Wellington students welcome free mental health support

Tertiary students in the greater Wellington region are pleased to see the expansion of Piki, a free youth mental health support pilot.

Tackling doctor burn-out: the importance of self-care in medicine

Health experts discuss the importance of wellbeing and self-care in an effort to prevent doctor burn-out.



Sponsored: Why the mitochondria are becoming the next big health topic

Health consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of cellular dysfunction when it comes to healthy aging and managing health issues