Antibiotic resistance: Global study suggests NZ among least exposed

A global study has compared levels of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria in sewage samples from around the world, and the findings suggest New Zealand is among the least-exposed countries.

Strict immigration policies are having a negative impact on migrants’ health

Immigrants to high income countries, such as New Zealand, are facing health issues due to strict immigration policies. By Ruby Harfield.

Strict referral criteria is causing major delays in bowel cancer diagnosis – research

New research suggests the criteria for patients to be fast-tracked for suspected bowel cancer needs to be improved to avoid delays in diagnosis. By Ruby Harfield.

Big tobacco’s call for tax break for tobacco stick ‘unhelpful’ PR stunt

New Zealand should not be targetted as a ‘guinea pig’ for ‘heat not burn’ tobacco products, says tobacco control advocate Mihi Blair in response to Philip Morris’ call for a Kiwi tax break for its tobacco stick.

Study highlights racism Māori and Pasifika health experts feel on advisory boards

Māori and Pasifika health experts have spoken of racism, feeling "token" and ignored after being selected to take part in health advisory groups.

New Danish study further discredits link between MMR vaccine and autism

A new study of more than half a million children has found no link between the measles, mumps and rubella vaccination and autism.

Digital health enhances patients’ health care

Denise Irvine says with the help of innovative and digital initiatives, health care delivery can be more patient-focused.

Alliance Group launches mental health initiative

Alliance Group has launched an innovative mental health programme to raise awareness about suicide in the workplace and make it easy for staff to seek help.

Looking beyond the pills – a new approach to mental distress

Sara Carbery talks to visiting psychologist Dr Lucy Johnstone about how a new approach to mental distress can work in the New Zealand context.

Time for free dental care? The huge expense of going to the dentist

Desperate Kiwis are queuing at hospital pain clinics because they can't afford the dentist - and health bosses are now backing free dental care.



Sponsored: Hydration – Why is it so important for older people?

A closer look at the risks of dehydration – particularly for older people – and what can be done to reduce these risks.