600 Middlemore Hospital patients to be screened after discovery of drug-resistant organism

About 600 Middlemore patients will be tested after a person admitted to a ward was found to be carrying an organism resistant to a powerful group of antibiotics.

Wary response to NZ’s first ‘rate your health professional’ website

GP and dentistry leaders are wary to realistic about a site dubbed Australia’s ‘Trip Advisor’ of healthcare crossing the Tasman to launch a ‘rate’ your health professional website.

NZ researchers review Viagra study after overseas baby deaths

The reported overseas deaths of babies involved in a clinical trial exploring a potential treatment using Viagra has prompted a review from researchers who have been running an aligned study here in New Zealand.

Allegations 800,000 NZers at risk of medical privacy breach

Four New Zealand and Australasian healthcare IT companies have jointly contacted the Privacy Commissioner to flag the issue.

New Zealand hospital staff abused daily: ‘It’s time to talk’

Hospital staff nationwide are being abused daily with reports of death threats, nurses being punched in the face and wrists being broken.

New Zealand babies dying from syphilis: ‘Our healthcare systems are falling over’ say experts

New Zealand babies are dying from syphilis passed on from their mothers during pregnancy.

Samoa seizes MMR vaccines

Two toddlers have died in Samoa following MMR vaccinations.

High need Auckland patients to pay less for after-hours care

Aucklanders seeking urgent after-hours care could be paying less.

Patients left off surgical waiting lists

People needing surgery were mistakenly left off waiting lists at one of the country's biggest DHBs - an oversight only discovered when one of them queried their case.

Health Minister David Clark admits safe drinking water may be costly

Early estimates of the cost of improving the safety of the country's drinking water supplies are "a bit frightening", Health Minister David Clark has admitted.


More than just a ‘pill for every ill’

Dr Tracy Chandler (a.k.a. Dr Wellness) says we need to move beyond the current ‘pill for every ill’ model of general practice to a more patient-centred integrative approach.


“There for me every step of the way”

“Lucky” is not an adjective many people would choose after going through what Barbara Bew experienced.  Yet despite enduring a terrifying domestic assault after...