Senior doctor breached health code

A woman who had had her right lung removed was sent home from hospital without anyone diagnosing the other lung had collapsed - and died days later.

Huge demand for services in Auckland stretches health system to the limit say bosses

Auckland health bosses have revealed a picture of a health system at breaking point from underfunding and population growth.

Warnings over dietary supplement Arthrem over liver harm

Medsafe is advising people taking the dietary supplement Arthrem of a potential risk of harm to the liver.

Home abortions safest, MPs told

It would be safer for women having a medical abortion to take the medicine at home, rather than follow an archaic law and travel to a clinic while potentially suffering from bleeding, stomach pain or diarrhoea, MPs have been told.

Registrars say Waikato Hospital’s plastic surgery unit is operating illegally

The plastic surgery department at Waikato Hospital is so understaffed registrars are constantly on call and working days without rest, putting patients at risk and forcing cancellation of clinics and surgeries, according to a damning letter from doctors.

Conviction but no sentence for doctor who faked documents to work at Whanganui Hospital

A disgraced doctor who faked documents because he was "so desperate to get to New Zealand" has been let off without a sentence.

National Bowel Screening Programme to be reviewed

A patient who moved house missed out on receiving an invitation to get bowel cancer screening - and later died of bowel cancer.

Dunedin scientist forged scripts to feed addiction

A Dunedin scientist has admitted counterfeiting prescriptions to fuel his painkiller addiction.

Small infection risk from machine used in open-heart surgery

A machine used in open-heart surgery in New Zealand may have exposed a few patients to a potentially deadly bacterial infection.

Boy, 6, left nearly blind after optometrist missed tumour

A 6-year-old boy was diagnosed with lazy eye and prescribed glasses by his optometrist - but within a year had been left almost blind due to a previously undiagnosed brain tumour.



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