Nurses could be solution to rural health services crisis

Research shows nurse practitioners could be a cost-effective solution for rural health care crisis.

New contract see Mobile Surgical Bus keep on trucking

A renewed contract will mean the country’s first and only mobile surgical bus will keep on trucking for another year.

Sewage analysis offering valuable insights into illicit drug use

It's a disgusting idea for most of us, but scientists say sampling our sewage on a mass scale - or "one large urine test", as they've called it - has endless potential.

NZ’s attempts to regulate ‘legal highs’ provides public health lessons, finds PhD grad

New Zealand’s rushed law to create world’s first regulated legal market for ‘legal highs’ has implications if regulating cannabis is to follow, found a PhD research project.

Careful what you say, submitters on medical cannabis law change told

Parliament is considering a law change which will decriminalise medical cannabis for terminally ill patients.

Equal pay claim of up to 45% sought by DHB clerical staff

Clerical workers across the country’s 20 district health boards today raised an equal pay claim of between 15-45 per cent.

Midwives: proof still in the Budget

Midwives remain on tenterhooks whether nearly a year of negotiations will see the Budget deliver a new funding model that stops community midwives leaving the profession.

New CPR app can turn bystanders into lifesavers

A new app to alert CPR-trained bystanders when someone is suffering a cardiac arrest is about to start saving lives in New Zealand.

New toolkit offers Māori-centred approach to mental health

A toolkit providing Maori-centred activities is now being used by more than 200 mental health clinicians across New Zealand working with Māori affected by mental health and addiction issues.

Midwives says new study vindicates care by new graduates

A New Zealand study has found that the least experienced midwives are caring for more higher risk mums and babies than their experienced colleagues.


Anzac Day marks Fallen Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital’s 90th anniversary

Today marks the 90th anniversary of the opening of Hawke's Bay Fallen Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, the country's sole soldiers' memorial hospital.