Editorial: DHBs give too much say to health ideologues

In determination to counter damage done by smoking, drinking, sugar, fast foods or anything else harmful to many, are doctors inclined to ignore all other considerations?

New chief took $50,000 less than offered

The interim chief executive at Waikato District Health Board took $50,000 less in salary than he was offered because he says it was the right thing to do.

English: Govt playing politics over approach to health sector

Opposition leader Bill English says the Government is playing politics with its "brutal" blanket approach to the health sector.

Former Waikato health chief Nigel Murray under fire from senior doctors

A former health board chief executive, whose spending of public money will now be examined by the Ministry of Health, is accused of leading to a culture of dysfunction and embarking on expensive projects at the cost of core services and patient safety, according to a damning letter by doctors.

Ward isolated after influenza cases expected to reopen tomorrow

A Tauranga Hospital ward currently closed to new patients after eight people were diagnosed with influenza is expected to reopen tomorrow.

Health board chairman who hired chief executive ‘should stand down’ down

The chairman of Waikato District Health Board, who employed Dr Nigel Murray as chief executive, has been called on to stand down.

Waikato health board director mysteriously resigns

A key member of former Waikato District Health Board chief executive Dr Nigel Murray's inner circle has resigned, effective immediately.

Waikato health board to now see executives’ travel spending

Travel expenses for Waikato District Health Board's executive managers will now be reported to the board each month after the scandal involving unauthorised spending by former chief executive Dr Nigel Murray.

GPs to triage patients, robots to replace staff in Waikato DHB deficit savings plan

A cash-strapped district health board is considering using robots to replace staff and making GPs triage patients at medical centres in a desperate effort to claw back savings.

Health groups want to block Ronald McDonald House at Dunedin Hospital

A public health group wants the Southern District Health Board to block Ronald McDonald House from setting up in the new Dunedin Hospital.


Urgent action called for at ADHB’s maternity wards

Urgent talks to find short-term solutions to the pressure on staff at National Women’s Health services are being called for by the New Zealand Nurses’ Organisation.