Editorial: DHBs give too much say to health ideologues

In determination to counter damage done by smoking, drinking, sugar, fast foods or anything else harmful to many, are doctors inclined to ignore all other considerations?

More than 500 adverse events reported by hospitals

A total of 542 adverse events were reported by district health boards in the last year.

NZNO concerned report shows increase in ‘nurse sensitive’ adverse events

The increase in 'nurse sensitive' indicators like pressure injuries and hospital acquired infections in the annual adverse events report released today were 'concerning', says the New Zealand Nurses Organisation.

Upswing in DHB health care adverse events due to “increased transparency”

Increased reporting of patients suffering delayed diagnosis and pressure injuries were largely behind an increase in public hospital adverse events, according to statistics released today.

Lakes District Health Board dishes out its staff awards

Lakes District Health Board anaesthetist Dr Cambell Bennett has won the Ross Bohm Clinical Quality Initiative Award for a senior medical officer at the Lakes DHB Quality and Staff Awards.

Waikato health board director mysteriously resigns

A key member of former Waikato District Health Board chief executive Dr Nigel Murray's inner circle has resigned, effective immediately.

Dunne Speaks: Do We Still Need 20 DHBs?

Do we really still need 20 autonomous DHBs, all mini-national health systems, in a country the size of medium sized city state, and in an age where technological innovation is rapidly simplifying the need for complex structures?

DHB boss spent half the year travelling on taxpayers

The Waikato District Health Board chief executive quit after serious concerns were raised about his personal spending of public money. The question now is how did it go on for so long, writes Natalie Akoorie.

Nurses in social media express disappointment to anger at DHBs’ pay offer

Nurses have taken to social media to express frustration at the 20 District Health Boards’ ‘six per cent over three years’ pay offer which goes to a vote starting Wednesday.

Northland DHB forum providing expert help to school and families

Whangarei agencies are working with schools and families after suspected suicides by two teenagers.


Opinion: Dr Tracy Chandler – Why more and more younger people...

Dr Tracy Chandler (aka Dr Wellness) talks about why she is seeing an epidemic of younger and younger people with fatigue and an inability to cope with life.


Sponsored: Volunteers tackle diabetes in Papua New Guinea

Working with local health providers, Volunteer Service Abroad is tackling diabetes in Papua New Guinea.