Waikato Hospital uses childbirth simulator to train for high-risk deliveries

Life-threatening and complicated childbirths can now be trained for on a life-like human simulator, only the second of its kind in New Zealand, at Waikato Hospital.

New technology to alert people about emergencies

A new way to let people know about an emergency is coming to a phone near you.

Nursing tool proposal wins Clinicians Challenge

An IT proposal to help lessen the workload of practice nurses having to calculate ‘catch-up’ immunisations for migrant and refugee children has won a Clinician’s Challenge award.

Holograms and virtual doctors in our medical future

Experts gather in Rotorua to discuss latest technological breakthroughs.

Tiny tube saving sight of glaucoma patients in New Zealand

A new procedure which sees a tiny tube inserted into the eye to save the eyesight of glaucoma patients is now available in New Zealand.

Rachel Stewart: BigAg must wake up to synthetic threat

The food revolution is here but despite all the evidence, industry leaders don't believe plant-based meat and synthetic milk is a risk to the industry.

New genetic screening technology improving odds of getting pregnant

New technology now being offered in New Zealand could improve the chance of women in their late 30s getting pregnant using IVF by up to 25 per cent, a new study has shown.

Robots could help detect cancer in less than a second, trials suggest

Artificial intelligence could detect cancer in less than a second, new research suggests.

Clinicians clamour for collaborative ‘clinical cockpit’ app

A New Zealand-developed app is allowing simultaneous sharing of patient notes, tasks and secure instant messaging by care team members. Clinical nurse specialist Danielle Spencer and senior nurse Christine Baxter share why they're fans

Waikato District Health Board to launch a review on SmartHealth app

The new boss at the Waikato District Health Board is to launch a review of the controversial SmartHealth app which cost the health board millions and failed to attract the targeted number of users.


Midwifery in ‘crisis’ with pregnant women unable to find lead maternity...

Midwives have appealed to the Government to urgently deal with a "crisis" in their sector, as they say pregnant women are struggling to get maternity care.