Hot weather contributes to spike in stomach bug cases

A surge in stomach bug cases this summer is being put down to factors including the country's unprecedented heatwave and lax food preparation practices by holidaymakers.

Warnings over dietary supplement Arthrem over liver harm

Medsafe is advising people taking the dietary supplement Arthrem of a potential risk of harm to the liver.

Five new recommendations for pain management

New ‘Choosing Wisely’ recommendations for managing pain – including avoiding benzodiazepines for lower back pain – have just been released by trans-Tasman pain specialists.

Eating more grains could save NZ $600m – report

Eating more "roughage" from grains could save New Zealand $600 million a year, a new report claims.

Fluoride in drinking water improves public health not worsens it, says Dental Association

The New Zealand Dental Association has re-iterated its support of fluoride in drinking water as a safe and effective way of improving public health.

Concerns over fluoride in drinking water aired by prominent critic

Questioning and opposing the addition of fluoride to Hawke's Bay's water supply was urged of the audience at a fluoride-free meeting last night.

Cantabrians urged to vaccinate after third case of measles confirmed

Canterbury Public health officials are urging the community to get vaccinated after a third case of measles is confirmed in Canterbury.

Vaccines expert: ‘Humans have a very poor understanding of risk’

Convincing parents to get their child vaccinated isn't as simple as giving them the facts, says a visiting disease expert.

Further testing due to Ohakea contamination

Central government has reached an agreement with local authorities to further investigate the PFAS chemical contamination at Ohakea airbase.

Plea for pregnant mums to get shots to help curb whooping cough outbreak

Health experts are urging pregnant women to get vaccinated for whooping cough, amid fears the national outbreak of the disease could last years and affect thousands more people.


Clinician with “passion for public healthcare” to lead Ministry of Health

Dr Ashley Bloomfield was announced today as the new Director General of Health – the third appointment this decade to lead the controversy-hit Ministry of Health.

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