Major Govt water review: Sector calls for new regulator

The water sector has made fresh calls for a new independent regulator as the Government launches a major review to tackle New Zealand's water woes.

Government breaking promise on affordable GP visits

The head of the Waipareira Trust says the high cost of GP visits forces poorer patients to go to the hospital instead.. or not see a doctor at all.

Labour delays cheaper GP visits for all

Labour's promise to cut the cost of going to the doctor by $10 from July 1 this year will now have to be phased in over time, Health Minister David Clark has said.

Tighter restrictions sought on birth defect drug

Kiwi mothers of children with disabilities caused by exposure to an anti-convulsant medication during pregnancy want answers on why they were not warned earlier of its dangers to unborn babies.

Rotorua and Taupo back in tender process for rescue choppers

Rescue choppers based in the central North Island will be included in a tender for air ambulance helicopter services after mayors from the region met the Minister of Health today.

NZ’s attempts to regulate ‘legal highs’ provides public health lessons, finds PhD grad

New Zealand’s rushed law to create world’s first regulated legal market for ‘legal highs’ has implications if regulating cannabis is to follow, found a PhD research project.

Careful what you say, submitters on medical cannabis law change told

Parliament is considering a law change which will decriminalise medical cannabis for terminally ill patients.

Midwives: proof still in the Budget

Midwives remain on tenterhooks whether nearly a year of negotiations will see the Budget deliver a new funding model that stops community midwives leaving the profession.

Submissions open on abortion law reform

Public feedback on reforming the country’s 41 year old abortion law to be more health-centred is being sought by the Law Commission.

Extend medical cannabis defence, Govt told

The Labour-led Government is being urged to extend a legal defence for medical cannabis to non-terminal patients and people growing cannabis for pain relief.


Clinician with “passion for public healthcare” to lead Ministry of Health

Dr Ashley Bloomfield was announced today as the new Director General of Health – the third appointment this decade to lead the controversy-hit Ministry of Health.

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