Grey Power urges MPs to support Green’s medicinal cannabis bill

Grey Power is urging MPs to support the Green MP Chloe Swarbrick's bill on medicinal cannabis, which is set to have its first reading on Wednesday and potentially pave the way for greater access.

Clark “upfront”: not everyone’s salary expectations will be met

Health Central talks to Health Minister David Clark about health worker salary expectations, the mental health inquiry and setting new health targets

Novel responsibilities for associate health minister

Health Central talks to Associate Minister of Health Julie Anne Genter about the health benefits of getting people out of cars, sexual health, disability support and climate change.

Scope of Govt mental health inquiry revealed

The government has cast a broad net for its inquiry into the nation's mental health service and wants answers by October.

New bill to give police random drug-check powers

A Bill that would strengthen police powers to tackle drug driving has been lodged.

Sugar tax could have “unintended consequences”

Thinktank policy analyst suggests we should wait and see if sugar taxes introduced overseas have an impact on obesity and health outcomes before rushing to introduce a sugar tax in New Zealand.

Helen Clark pushes for drug laws to focus on treatment, not punishment

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark says people who use drugs are unfairly painted as criminals, and instead wants an evidence-based system based on treatment, social services and safe spaces.

Predator-free campaign will benefit human health

The Predator Free 2050 campaign to rid New Zealand of rats and possums will have major benefits for human health as well as for native plants and animals, says public health researcher Dr Mary...

What would medical marijuana do to our health system?

In this summer podcast series, the Go to Health podcast tackles a different health issue each week. Today, it's whether our health system can handle medicinal marijuana, and whether we should stop there. Hosted by Frances Cook.

Peter Dunne says the Govt’s medicinal cannabis bill will bring not immediate relief to...

The former minister responsible for drug law reform is calling the Government's bill on medicinal cannabis "half baked" and "a pretty sad gimmick" that fails to give sick people immediate access to good products.


Urgent action called for at ADHB’s maternity wards

Urgent talks to find short-term solutions to the pressure on staff at National Women’s Health services are being called for by the New Zealand Nurses’ Organisation.