Meeting the Minister: asking the tough questions

INsite editor Jude Barback asks Hon NICKY WAGNER, the new Associate Health Minister with responsibility for health of older people, to address the big issues affecting aged care and home and community support services including funding, sustainability, equal pay and palliative care.

Plans to transform disability support system

Moves to transform New Zealand’s disability support system have been welcomed by the disability sector.

Consumer directed care and the Eden alternative

The Eden Alternative looks set to find its niche in Australia’s new consumer directed care model. INsite talks to Sally Hopkins about the changing face of community care over the Tasman.

High level of interest in Healthy Ageing Strategy

Around 2000 people took part in discussions around the Healthy Ageing Strategy and a summary of more than 200 submissions has been released on the Ministry of Health's website.

Enabling Good Lives to guide changes to disability support system

Evaluations of the Christchurch and Waikato Enabling Good Lives (EGL) demonstrations will help guide the transformation of the disability support system, Disability Issues and Associate Health Minister Nicky Wagner says.

Funded family care: flawed of fair?

After years of court action, the Government has passed legislation to allow adult disabled people to employ family carers, but the new policy has left the sector seething. JUDE BARBACK reports.

Excellent dementia-friendly design recognised by Ministry

Two dementia facilities have been praised by the Ministry of Health for their exemplary approach to dementia-friendly design.

Review of disabled people-led monitoring initiative welcomed

Disability Issues Minister Nicky Wagner is welcoming a review of the disabled people-led monitoring initiative.

Part B of travel time settlement no answer to sector’s funding problems

Over two years since the home and community support services (HCSS) sector and unions reached agreement with the Government over the In-Between Travel Time Settlement, the second part of the settlement – moving to a regularised workforce – is finally taking shape. But is it enough to sustain an already stretched sector? asks JUDE BARBACK.

Making dementia an election issue

Alzheimers New Zealand is putting the spotlight on dementia in the run-up to this year's election by hosting a debate with representatives from all major political parties.


Urgent action called for at ADHB’s maternity wards

Urgent talks to find short-term solutions to the pressure on staff at National Women’s Health services are being called for by the New Zealand Nurses’ Organisation.