Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Legal blow to medicinal cannabis plan

The Ministry of Health advised against decriminalising medicinal cannabis for those in chronic pain, saying it would lead to major issues over its legal definition.

Beginner’s guide to who’s in charge of what

Health Central shares a ‘beginner’s guide’ to who’s in charge of what when it comes to health in the new Government.

Medicinal cannabis legislation introduced to ‘ease suffering’

People with a prescription will be able to pick up medicinal cannabis from a pharmacy under legislation introduced today.

Step forward for medicinal cannabis

The Government is to reveal the contents of the Bill it's tabling at Parliament this afternoon, which is expected to include provisions to allow some terminally ill patients to legally use it.

Ardern confident End of Life Choice Bill will pass

Confidence from the Prime Minister that the End of Life Choice Bill will pass.

Health lobbyists clash over push to regulate e-cigarettes as quit smoking aid

Hāpai Te Hauora has criticised the Asthma foundation for scaremongering as lobbying pressure builds over how e-cigarettes will be regulated by the new Government.

Recognition of addiction practitioners under new Substances Act welcomed

Registered addiction practitioners have been signed off by the Health Minister to be regarded as health professionals under the new Substance Addiction Act, says their association and registration body.

Top doc backs calls for reduced liquor hours in Northland’s Far North district

Cutting back liquor sale hours could reduce the Far North's high level of alcohol-related harm, a public health expert says.

Child health advocates welcome Families Package – bill being debated in the House today

Advocates for children’s health and wellbeing have generally welcomed the Government’s Families Package as taking first steps to reducing preventable health problems linked to poverty.

Goodbye tax cuts but Labour’s families package expected to halve child poverty

Labour's Families Package will kick in from July next year and is forecast to almost halve the number of children living in poverty.


Midwifery in ‘crisis’ with pregnant women unable to find lead maternity...

Midwives have appealed to the Government to urgently deal with a "crisis" in their sector, as they say pregnant women are struggling to get maternity care.