North Dakota links to new “Shortland St” general practice

A North Dakota-based health care provider, Sanford Health, has announced it will open a general practice in central Auckland next month in partnership with local provider Omni Health.

Kiwi aims to improve the well-being of stressed doctors

The Kiwi doctor who recently led the charge to make an amendment to the modern day Hippocratic Oath says doctor burnout is at "epidemic" levels but small changes can make all the difference.

DHB nurses to pursue pay equity

The nursing union NZNO has tabled its intent to pursue a pay equity claim for district health board nurses.

The nurse practitioner older adult

MARLENE DITCHFIELD speaks to Sylvia Meijer, New Zealand’s first NP older adult and the NP at the heart of the project about the importance of this role in aged care.

Filipino nurses: our fastest-growing nursing workforce

Filipino nurses are fast becoming a mainstay of the New Zealand health and aged care sector. FIONA CASSIE gained some insights into the nursing culture in the Philippines and talks about why we shouldn’t take this workforce for granted.

Opinion: GP says more NPs not answer – at least not yet

Nursing Review shares GP Philip Harrison's online comment in response to Jenny Carryer's call to train more NPs not GPs to meet rural health needs. Harrison once worked with a "really great primary care NP" and values good nursing but thinks Carryer's proposal has "its head in the clouds".

A solution to New Zealand’s rural doctor shortage?

An Auckland University programme could be the answer to our rural doctor shortage.

Mental health nurse morale lowest for decades says PSA organiser

Morale amongst mental health nurses is at the lowest ebb since he began working in the sector more than 25 years ago, says mental health nurses organiser Ashok Shankar.

More health professions dropped than added in skills visa review

Midwives are the only health profession to be added to the skills shortage list following Immigration New Zealand’s latest review. Dropped from the lists are dentists and anaesthetists and an attempt to add mental health nurses was unsuccessful.

Empathy: does nursing have a monopoly?

Are nursing students more empathetic than their medical colleagues? Former nurse and medical education advisor Dr Peter Gallagher* and colleagues set out to test this hypothesis. Nursing Review reports that the findings may surprise.


Opinion: “We are at our wits’ end” – one family’s experience...

A young woman shares with HealthCentral the frustration she and her family feel as they struggle to navigate the mental health system to get the right help and support for her sister.