Scientists accidentally discover potential treatment for obesity

The accidental creation of a mouse that doesn't get fat on a high-fat diet has opened up the potential that a drug already being used by humans may have a similar effect.

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Psychologist explains: How food changes your mood

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Despite the fact that there are literally hundreds of diets out there which all prescribe different approaches, there are a handful of foods that most of these regimes agree are some of the best foods nutritionally that we can eat.

Four-day workshop brings addiction support to Raetihi

A team of 20 drug and alcohol rehabilitation experts – including former addicts – is bringing an intensive four-day addiction workshop to Raetihi.


Death: the symptoms of dying

How much do many of us actually know about the act of dying? In the first of Health Central’s special focus on death and dying – The Death Series – FIONA CASSIE talks to palliative care specialist Brian Ensor about the symptoms of dying.


Remote radiology service offers treatment for waiting lists

A virtual radiology service being set up by SEQURE Health could double the capacity of District Health Boards to read X-rays, CT Scans, MRI...