Study suggests possible link between cannabis and schizophrenia

Researchers are sounding alarms over young people smoking cannabis, as the incoming government promises a referendum on legalising the drug.

Promising results for Whanau Pakari kids’ obesity programme

A programme tailored for obese kids has yielded some promising results, with children reporting better physical and emotional health after just a year.

Southern DHB to launch review after disappearance of patient Gordon McLean

A full review is to be launched into how a "frail" man was able to leave the rehabilitation unit at a Dunedin hospital and go missing this week, the district health board says.

New Zealand third fattest country in the world

Any doubts about New Zealand's obesity epidemic have been dispelled by a new international study that shows we are the third fattest nation in the world.

The importance of Zinc

Zinc is essential for multiple body functions including, skin health, hair growth, gut health, immune function, wound healing, metabolism and absorption of nutrients, eye health, concentration, taste and smell.

New South Auckland birthing centre will help with ‘dire shortage’ of postnatal beds

Expectant mothers in South Auckland will now have more choice of where to give birth and one midwife says it will help alleviate a "dire shortage" of postnatal beds in the area.

The truth on fat

Fat is a major source of energy, it can help absorb vitamins and minerals, lower inflammation, boost brain health, it's needed to build cell membranes, build healthy hair, skin and nails and protect against heart disease.

Clampdown on firefighters lifting heavy patients for hospitals, rest homes

A fire chief is looking to limit its callouts to help the morbidly obese because it's injuring firefighters and taking them away from "real emergencies".

Why fibre is so important

Fibre is an important component of a healthy diet and it’s something that most people aren’t eating enough of.

Number of kids hospitalised for malnutrition doubled in last decade

Low income parents can't afford to properly feed their kids. Dr Nikki Turner speaks with Mike Hosking


Death: the symptoms of dying

How much do many of us actually know about the act of dying? In the first of Health Central’s special focus on death and dying – The Death Series – FIONA CASSIE talks to palliative care specialist Brian Ensor about the symptoms of dying.


Remote radiology service offers treatment for waiting lists

A virtual radiology service being set up by SEQURE Health could double the capacity of District Health Boards to read X-rays, CT Scans, MRI...