Call to think twice before requesting medications or tests this summer

New Zealanders are being advised by the Council of Medical Colleges to talk to their health professional first before requesting antibiotics for summer skin rashes or x-rays for back pain.

How to get motivated for your 2018 goals

In this summer podcast series, the Go to Health podcast tackles a different health issue each week. Today, it's how to stay motivated when you're trying to make a positive change. Frances Cook asks how do you get motivated through the inevitable hard parts of making a change and how do we stick with these changes long enough to make it a habit.

Allowing children to get sunburn is ‘child abuse’ claims doctors

Parents who repeatedly don't apply sunscreen on their children in the hot summer sun have been accused of child abuse by a top doctor.

Nutritionist reveals the truth about cheese, carbs and weight loss

Australian nutritionist Fiona Tuck has busted the five biggest health myths that you should ditch today.

Ways to reduce water retention

Water retention and bloating is something that many of us suffer from and there can be several reasons why. PMS, menopause, a diet that is high in sodium and dehydration can all cause water retention. Julia and Libby explore ways that water retention can be treated.

Most NZers walk less than 100 metres a day

Walking - it is one of the first big life skills we learn as children but most Kiwi adults do not walk even 100m on an average day, according to a new Ministry of Transport survey.

Why getting enough sleep should be your New Year’s resolution

If you need an alarm to get up in the morning, you're probably not getting enough sleep.

Auckland dentists offering $30k in free dental treatment to homeless

A group of Auckland dentists is hoping to put a smile on the faces of the city's most needy.

‘Wearable nutrition’ sweeps the market but experts are sceptical

Consumer New Zealand is warning people against a wellbeing company touting a "revolutionary wearable nutrition" product that claims to feed supplements through a skin patch.

Is Christmas binge drinking ageing you?

Having a few too many at the office Christmas party can leave you with a throbbing headache, but even after the hangover has cleared up your skin will be still taking the hit.



Sponsored: Why the mitochondria are becoming the next big health topic

Health consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of cellular dysfunction when it comes to healthy aging and managing health issues