Men’s health: Self-medicating depression with drugs

Plenty of everyday men – and women – turn to alcohol or drugs to ‘self-medicate’ or cope with anxiety and depression. Rachel Helyer Donaldson talks to some New Zealand experts on the issue.

Mental health support workers to get back-paid pay equity settlement

As nurses and District Health Boards go into mediation the Government has confirmed that up to 5000 mental health and addiction support workers will get a pay equity boost backdated to July last year.

Mental Health Inquiry receives more than 5000 submissions

More than 5000 submissions have been received by the Mental Health and Addictions Inquiry which formally closed submissions earlier this month.

Students doing ‘Whatever It Takes’ to tackle mental health, including hosting national inquiry

Through a social enterprise venture, students at St John's College have been able to partner with a vital cause in the local community.

Opinion: Rachel Stewart: Silence, then judgment – our approach to suicide isn’t working

Suicide. A dirty word? Or something that really needs to be talked about?

Extra detox bed welcomed, but not the only answer

A $16.7m funding grant to boost the number of Auckland detox beds from 20 to 30 is welcomed by drug and alcohol practitioners but they says beds are only part of the answer.

‘Poetic’: Seized drug money to fund addiction services, says Ardern

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says it is "somewhat poetic" to pay for new drug addiction services with money seized from criminals – including drug dealers.

Youth mental health – what does wellbeing mean to young Kiwis?

Improving youth mental health is an increasing priority of policymakers, researchers and politicians. Jody Hopkinson reports on a research project looking at what wellbeing means to youth.

Doctors warn masculinity forces men into loneliness

As the world reels in the wake of Anthony Bourdain's suicide, experts warn he is just one of many men whose suicides and preceding struggles with mental illness often go overlooked.

8 per cent of youth have social issues

About 8 per cent of New Zealand children have social, emotional and/or behavioural problems, and another 7 per cent are on the borderline of having issues, Ministry of Health statistics say.


Death: the symptoms of dying

How much do many of us actually know about the act of dying? In the first of Health Central’s special focus on death and dying – The Death Series – FIONA CASSIE talks to palliative care specialist Brian Ensor about the symptoms of dying.


Follow your passion: Study health

Sponsored article If you are someone who aspires to work in a health-related career, or you already do and are looking to advance your knowledge...