Mental Health Foundation backs ‘counselling for all’ idea

The Mental Health Foundation says a Government system of partially funding counselling services is stupid.

Opinion: Heather Casey – reminder that mental health is everybody’s business

With the Mental Health Inquiry underway, Heather Casey shares a cringing experience to remind health professionals that mental health is ‘everybody’s business’ and to think hard about their own attitudes.

“Overburdened” mental health workers voices important to inquiry

Hearing the voices of “stressed” and “overburdened” mental health workers is ‘”very important” to the Mental Health and Addictions Inquiry, says inquiry chair Ron Paterson.

“Once in a generation opportunity” – submissions open for Mental Health Inquiry

A ‘once in a generation opportunity’ is how today’s formal launch of the consultation phase of the Mental Health and Addictions Inquiry is being described.

Call for action as mental health issues continue to rise in Christchurch

A mental health expert with more than 25 years experience believes getting mental health support is more difficult than it should be.

Mental Health inquiry document released Friday

The mental health inquiry’s short consultation document is to be released on Friday before the inquiry team starts a two month nationwide series of forums.

Sweeping health check focuses on modern veterans

Researchers have begun a sprawling check on thousands of recently-served Kiwi veterans, amid grave warnings a lack of health support could create a "lost generation".

New toolkit offers Māori-centred approach to mental health

A toolkit providing Maori-centred activities is now being used by more than 200 mental health clinicians across New Zealand working with Māori affected by mental health and addiction issues.

Not all wounds bleed: Time to improve access to mental health

Not all wounds heal. The RSA Poppy Appeal this week rolled out that slogan as part of a campaign spotlighting veterans' mental health. Officials say mental health injuries are the most common, but least understood, of all wounds suffered by New Zealand servicemen and women.

Waikato Hospital ED mental health presentations up by almost 400 per cent

Mental health cases at one hospital's emergency department have jumped almost 400 per cent in the past five years, with no extra staffing to cope with the demand.


Clinician with “passion for public healthcare” to lead Ministry of Health

Dr Ashley Bloomfield was announced today as the new Director General of Health – the third appointment this decade to lead the controversy-hit Ministry of Health.

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