Opinion: Shaun Cavanagh – Inquiry should invest in new mental health workforce

Shaun Cavanagh wants the Mental Health Inquiry to lead to greater support for the mental health workforce including supporting new allied health disciplines like his own, recreation therapy, that has struggled to get established in New Zealand.

‘Lifestyle” approaches to managing depression emphasised in new guidelines

Stress management and healthy lifestyle changes should be considered first by clinicians as part of a broader approach to managing depression in patients, says the latest Australasian treatment guidelines.

Govt hits back at National’s mental health criticism

Health Minister David Clark says the previous government never set aside the $100 million which National is now saying should be used for mental health initiatives.

Psychology workforce needs “urgent attention”

A call to double the number of educational psychologists follows the Psychological Society highlighting concerns about psychologist shortages across the board in its recent briefing to Health Minister David Clark.

Silence common response to losing a mate to suicide, finds NZ research

Silence is often how young men respond to losing a close friend to suicide, found a Victoria University researcher who recommends health professionals learn to interpret the silence to be able to better help the young men through their grief.

Opinion: Deborah Hill Cone – More money will not fix our mental health crisis

The government has recognised that and announced a wide-ranging review of mental health. Commentators from both ends of the spectrum, who wouldn't normally agree on a whole lot have chorused in unison that what it is all about is: money and needing more of it.

Mental Health Inquiry: details at a glance

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says “nothing is off the table” for the more than $6M Ministerial Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction. So what does it all mean? Health Central gives you a quick summary of what is currently on the table.

Renewed calls to lift alcohol prices

Public health groups want the government to consider raising the alcohol tax by 50 per cent as part of their inquiry into mental health and addiction services.

Opinion: Kate Hawkesby – Mental health inquiry cheaper than doing nothing

Kate Hawkesby say's it's pleasing to see mental health back in the spotlight because, like it or not, we’re all going to be affected by it at some stage of our lives.

All on table for mental health probe

Nothing is off the table for the Government's inquiry to find solutions to the country's mental health crisis as it prepares to dive into the crisis of a sector that has been overrun by demand.


Advertising Standards Authority upholds complaint against Santa

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) Complaints Board has agreed that Santa should not be used in advertising that promotes Coca Cola to children and young people.