On mission for women’s health

An educational venture directed at women's health and wellbeing was stirred by Waikanae woman Belinda Falconar's own battle with postnatal depression (PND).

Don’t call us snowflakes – it damages our mental health, say young people

Figures show that the majority of young people think the term is unfair - and even more think it could have a negative effect of its own.

Briefings: Mental health services “clearly struggling”

Hundreds of documents briefing new Government ministers on key policies have been released. Herald journalists have been analysing the Briefings to Incoming Ministers (Bims). Here we look at Mental Health.

Time we did something about men’s mental health

'Some men just aren't massive talkers, full stop. We should all open up and not leave things covered, but if there's something you can do alongside that to make yourself feel better, do it.'

Minister opens new medical centre for his childhood practice

New Health Minister Dr David Clark today opened a new medical centre for a practice he was patient of as a child – but today’s practice has allied health on site and visiting mental health staff.

Children admitted to adult mental health wards

Mentally unwell children - including an 8-year-old - have been admitted as inpatients to adult mental health wards more than 1300 times during the last five years as the health system struggles to keep up with the number of children in crisis.

Newly-funded research targets mental health needs of Māori youth

A study will explore if an e-screening tool can increase the rate of mental health assessments in youth, and make it easier to disclose sensitive information.

Kyle MacDonald: The truth about depression

Even as it stands now "depression" isn't actually a diagnosis, it's a catch all phrase for a number of different mood disorders. And increasingly it's also a way for us all to describe a low mood, or a period of not feeling emotionally "OK" writes Kyle MacDonald.

Rachel Smalley – Doctor warns we’re over medicated and need a walk, not a...

We're opting for a quick fix solutions around mental health and it's led to a society that is over-medicated. Instead of addressing the issues that are leading to depression, we're using drugs to block them. Rachel Smalley reports.

Calls for change over the perception of visiting psychologists

The New Zealand Psychological Society wants to see changes to the public perception of visiting a psychologist.


Urgent action called for at ADHB’s maternity wards

Urgent talks to find short-term solutions to the pressure on staff at National Women’s Health services are being called for by the New Zealand Nurses’ Organisation.