Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bindi Norwell: Healthy homes yes – but who pays?

It's hard to disagree with Phil Twyford: as the new Minister of Housing and Urban Development said last month, every New Zealander deserves a warm, healthy home to live in.

Health-check: More North Island lakes graded ‘bad’ than ‘good’

Scientists have begun a sprawling health-check of hundreds of New Zealand lakes, at a time where monitoring data shows more North Island spots are graded bad than good.

Calls for more rules on use of antibiotic

Scientists fear that doctors are overprescribing an antibiotic linked to nerve damage and tendon ruptures that have caused permanent disability.

Sunscreen tests show need for regulation

Consumer NZ's latest test of sunscreens highlights New Zealand's situation of classifying sunscreens as cosmetics is not protecting consumers and needs to change.

Midwife deregistered after practising while suspended

A midwife's registration has been cancelled after she provided midwifery services to a friend despite being suspended from practising because of concerns about her competency.

Auckland pharmacist suspended for selling addictive drugs without prescriptions

A pharmacist has had his practising license suspended after he sold "excessive" amounts of addictive prescription drugs to customers without a prescription.

Expert: Addressing supply just one area of tackling synthetic drug abuse

Addressing supply is just one issue in a multi-pronged approach required to tackle synthetic drug abuse.

Hospital adopts green initiative to stop drugs going down the sink

A nurse-led initiative is stopping liquid morphine and similar drugs at a Wellington Hospital from being flushed into New Zealand’s waterways.

Havelock North chiropractor censured and fined for failing to keep records

Over nine years, a Havelock North chiropractor failed to take adequate notes 7156 times - failures which could place "the public at risk and lower standards in the profession."

Top doc backs calls for reduced liquor hours in Northland’s Far North district

Cutting back liquor sale hours could reduce the Far North's high level of alcohol-related harm, a public health expert says.


Midwifery in ‘crisis’ with pregnant women unable to find lead maternity...

Midwives have appealed to the Government to urgently deal with a "crisis" in their sector, as they say pregnant women are struggling to get maternity care.