Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Traces of plastics chemical detected in Wellington aquifer

Traces of a chemical commonly used in plastic packaging have been discovered in an aquifer used to supply Wellington's drinking water.

Surge in the spread of superbug, doctors warn urgency to address life-threatening problem

Doctors are warning a powerful superbug could become deadly if it continues to spread in New Zealand at its present rate.

South Auckland doctor deregistered after assaulting six women

A South Auckland doctor has been stripped of his medical certificate after he indecently assaulted six women.

Dunedin doctor fined $26,000 after altering patients’ medical records

A Dunedin doctor who altered the medical records of patients resulting in financial gain has been fined $26,000.

Step closer to new law that would automatically jail people who attack paramedics

A new law could strip judges of the power to decide on anything less than jail time for people who attack paramedics and other first responders.

Syphilis outbreak: Health professionals urge New Zealanders to take care

By: Emma Russell The syphilis outbreak is now the worst it has ever been in New Zealand, with health professionals urging people to take extra precautions. A total of 470 New Zealanders were reported to have...

More isn’t better – new cautions on unnecessary X-rays, scans and screening

New cautions – ranging from reducing unnecessary ultrasounds of pregnant women to being careful how health professionals talk about statistical risks and benefits – have been released by the Choosing Wisely campaign.

Samoa begins public inquiry into babies’ deaths next week

Two Samoan nurses pleaded not guilty on Monday to charges related to the death of two children which are also being investigated in a Commission of Inquiry due to start in Samoa next week.

Surgeons share breakaway union’s concerns over new rosters

A breakaway ‘junior doctors’ union are negotiating a new agreement with district health boards arguing that new hospital rosters are not safer and reduce crucial training time.

Too few hip fracture patients leaving hospital with osteoporosis plans

Only a quarter of hip fracture patients leave hospital on osteoporosis treatment and with a falls prevention plan to reduce the risk of further breaks, found the latest hip fracture registry report.


Opinion: Dr Tracy Chandler – Sugar questions answered

With November being Diabetes Awareness Month, Dr Tracy Chandler (aka Dr Wellness) says it’s perfect timing to answer two commonly asked questions about sugar.


Sponsored: Empathy, culture and kindness – the quest for healthier communities

It’s going to take a groundswell of change to inject the empathy and values-based leadership that is so desperately needed in society. Jude Barback talks to Anah Aikman, the founder of Changing Lenses, about how we can achieve this change in our communities.