Surgical mesh injuries rising, ACC figures show

The number of people who have laid claims with ACC for injuries caused by the use of surgical mesh has continued to climb despite problems with the product being well known, new figures show.

Parents fight back after state takes two children with brittle bone disease

A young couple are fighting a decision to take their two children - one a newborn baby - into state care because of a suspected child abuse injury which they believe is due to brittle bone disease.

Three staff raised concerns at Waikato DHB chief executive Nigel Murray’s spending

Three senior managers at Waikato District Health Board raised concerns about the chief executive's spending before he resigned.

Mother’s paramedic dream shattered by St John ambulance anaesthetic change

A Tauranga mother of four who has always dreamed of becoming a paramedic has been barred from volunteering on St John ambulances because they have changed their main anaesthetic to one that could kill her.

Local doctor to make history with Hippocratic Oath

A Queenstown doctor looks set to make history by successfully petitioning for a change to the ancient Hippocratic Oath.

Waikato DHB chief executive to resign over expenses

The district health board chief executive being investigated for unexplained spending has resigned.

Hospitals shifted patients to meet ED targets, reports study

Wait times dropped after emergency department time targets were introduced but a report has found some hospitals shuffled patients around just to meet the target.

Whanganui children opt for new dental treatment

Nine out of ten Whanganui children with dental decay in their baby teeth are opting for a new treatment over a traditional filling.

Counterfeit medicine imports on the rise

Dodgy pills and medicines are on the rise, as more people buy prescription drugs online.

NZNO backs reprimanded midwife’s concerns about “national shame” of families living in squalor

Children and youth living in squalor is a national shame, says the NZNO, and nurses share the concerns expressed by a reprimanded South Auckland midwife.


Death: the symptoms of dying

How much do many of us actually know about the act of dying? In the first of Health Central’s special focus on death and dying – The Death Series – FIONA CASSIE talks to palliative care specialist Brian Ensor about the symptoms of dying.


Remote radiology service offers treatment for waiting lists

SPONSORED ARTICLE A virtual radiology service being set up by SEQURE Health could double the capacity of District Health Boards to read X-rays, CT Scans,...