More young people becoming smokefree

Young New Zealanders are not that keen to take a puff on a cigarette, new research shows.

Nanorobots successfully kill cancerous tumours

What once sounded like a work of fiction is now becoming a reality thanks to scientific advancements: DNA nanorobots have successfully killed cancerous tumours in mice in lab trials.

School-based measures unlikely to halt childhood obesity

A British study has found no noticeable effects from a year-long school-based programme that aimed to improve the health of primary-aged children, leading to calls for evidence-based measures.

Study finds ethnic bias among Kiwi medical students

A newly-published study aims to build understanding of how ethnic bias might affect new doctors in New Zealand.

New research on women with cancer involved in the ‘unfortunate experiment’

A new report on gynaecologist Dr Herbert Green's "unfortunate experiment" has described the medical experience of 82 women with microinvasive cancer.

Silence common response to losing a mate to suicide, finds NZ research

Silence is often how young men respond to losing a close friend to suicide, found a Victoria University researcher who recommends health professionals learn to interpret the silence to be able to better help the young men through their grief.

Cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates tumours in mice, study finds

An American study is recruiting lymphoma patients for a clinical trial of a cancer ‘vaccine’ after successful trials in mice.

Few drinking fountains in New Zealand playgrounds – New study

New research has found that only a fifth (20 per cent) of childrens’ playgrounds in the lower North Island of New Zealand had drinking fountains (11 out of 54 playgrounds).

Keeping fit as a kid linked to healthier lungs as an adult, Kiwi study...

New findings from the Dunedin longitudinal study have found links between childhood fitness and healthier, stronger lungs in adulthood.

Blood test could spot Alzheimer’s years before symptoms appear

A new diagnostic test using a few drops of blood could be used detect Alzheimer's disease years before symptoms begin to show.


Advertising Standards Authority upholds complaint against Santa

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) Complaints Board has agreed that Santa should not be used in advertising that promotes Coca Cola to children and young people.