Untangling obesity and diabetes’ ‘missing link’

Genetic changes hidden among our so-called junk DNA have helped New Zealand scientists uncover a suspected missing link between type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Popular pregnancy treatment to prevent prem births a waste of time: new study

A popular hormone treatment given to pregnant women to stop them having their babies too early does not work and is a waste of time, a new study has found.

‘Chilling out’ the pain

This edition’s Clinically Appraised Topic (CAT) asks whether a cold spray helps to ‘chill out’ the pain of inserting IV cannula.

Dedication to end inequity in health brings top award

Harwood, a University of Auckland clinical researcher focused on tackling some of the biggest health inequities in our society, has just been awarded this year's L'Oreal Unesco Women in Science New Zealand Fellowship.

Study suggests possible link between cannabis and schizophrenia

Researchers are sounding alarms over young people smoking cannabis, as the incoming government promises a referendum on legalising the drug.

Failure to listen delaying diagnosis of deadly illness, says GP

Outspoken Northland GP Lance O'Sullivan is backing ''120 per cent'' a study claiming doctors' failure to listen to patients is one of the key factors delaying the diagnosis of rheumatic fever in Northland Maori.

Action needed on super sweet NZ drinks

Dentists and ‘ditch the fizz’ campaigners argue research showing Kiwi soft drinks are sweeter than other western countries means that government action is needed now.

Babies who feed themselves less fussy eaters

Babies who feed themselves as soon as they have started eating solids appear to be less fussy eaters, new research has found.

New study shows taurine supplements may improve performance recovery

New research recently published in the Antioxidants journal, suggests taurine supplementation taken after exercise, may help improve the rate of muscle recovery.

Drug may prevent obesity in children born to overweight mothers

Australian researchers say they've discovered a drug that has the potential to prevent obesity in children born to overweight mums.


Urgent action called for at ADHB’s maternity wards

Urgent talks to find short-term solutions to the pressure on staff at National Women’s Health services are being called for by the New Zealand Nurses’ Organisation.