Māori Health research fellowships awarded

Cancer disparities and the impact of education on long-term mental health are the focuses of two $500,000 Māori Health Research Emerging Leader Fellowships just announced by the Health Research Council.

Blood test trial aims to reduce inequities for Māori cancer patients

Using a close-to-home blood test to monitor cancer treatment responses for Māori and rural cancer patients may reduce health inequities, believes the researcher behind the trial.

Sweeping health check focuses on modern veterans

Researchers have begun a sprawling check on thousands of recently-served Kiwi veterans, amid grave warnings a lack of health support could create a "lost generation".

Sewage analysis offering valuable insights into illicit drug use

It's a disgusting idea for most of us, but scientists say sampling our sewage on a mass scale - or "one large urine test", as they've called it - has endless potential.

NZ’s attempts to regulate ‘legal highs’ provides public health lessons, finds PhD grad

New Zealand’s rushed law to create world’s first regulated legal market for ‘legal highs’ has implications if regulating cannabis is to follow, found a PhD research project.

Midwives says new study vindicates care by new graduates

A New Zealand study has found that the least experienced midwives are caring for more higher risk mums and babies than their experienced colleagues.

New piece fitted in infertility puzzle?

The latest Kiwi research may help fit another piece in the puzzle of how the brain impacts on infertility, reports the Health Research Council in an update on New Zealand fertility discoveries.

Gas stoves linked to childhood asthma

Damp housing and gas stoves have been associated with about 20 per cent of childhood asthma burden in a study across the Tasman.

Junk food companies targeting kids online, finds study

Kiwi adolescents are frequently exposed to marketing of unhealthy food choices online, according to a University of Auckland study.

Carb lovers gene linked to lower body fat

The same gene that makes you want to eat carbohydrates and drink alcohol, also changes your body shape while lowering your overall body fat, says research released today.


Clinician with “passion for public healthcare” to lead Ministry of Health

Dr Ashley Bloomfield was announced today as the new Director General of Health – the third appointment this decade to lead the controversy-hit Ministry of Health.

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