NZ researchers restore fertility to mice with polycystic ovary syndrome

Women who struggle to have children due to polycystic ovary syndrome may in future be able to regain fertility by rewiring their brains, new research suggests.

Kiwi breakthrough could help fight disease, climate change

New proteins created by Kiwi scientists have been dubbed "a huge step forward" that could help combat everything from disease to climate change.

Analysis challenges belief that painkillers worsen inflammatory bowel disease

A research review has found little data to support the common recommendation that patients with inflammatory bowel disease should avoid aspirin and ibuprofen.

Childhood asthma and illness strongly linked to adult lung disease

Up to three-quarters of chronic lung disease in adulthood may be linked back to childhood risk factors like asthma, bronchitis, and parents smoking, according to a major Australian study published today.

Doctor pushing for research into treating children with medicinal cannabis

An Australian doctor says medicinal cannabis could be a treatment for kids with severe autism and intellectual disabilities.

Not all ‘e-cig’ flavours created equal

Those smoking e-cigarettes thinking they are the healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes may need to look closely at their e-cigarette flavours, says a recently released research study.

Night shift research confirms larks and owls

Research into shift-working doctors’ and nurses’ body clock response to light exposure highlights that there’s likely no ‘one size fits all’ answer to shift-work sleep disruption.

Yoghurt-fed babies have less allergies?

The babies of mothers’ who regularly fed their infants’ yoghurt have been found to have much lower rates of eczema and allergies, a New Zealand study has found.

Using virtual reality to research how smokers’ tick

Putting e-cigarette and smokers into a virtual reality scenario to measure their reactions to smoke and flavourings is one of the latest research projects funded by the Health Research Council.

New antibiotics’ family may be on way, indicates study

A new antibiotic tested on mice sees the fight against super bugs move a small but important step forward, says an article published in Nature today.


Clinician with “passion for public healthcare” to lead Ministry of Health

Dr Ashley Bloomfield was announced today as the new Director General of Health – the third appointment this decade to lead the controversy-hit Ministry of Health.

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