Supplements – do we really need them?

Jody Hopkinson talks to naturopath Yolande Waho about which supplements and vitamins we need at different stages of our lives.

Superfoods to the rescue

Power-pack your health by ensuring your diet is full of nutrient-dense and readily available ‘superfoods’ that protect against disease and optimise your wellbeing. Kate O’Malley reports.

“The highest highs and the lowest lows”: navigating adolescence

Navigating the teenage years can be hard work at the best of times. In today’s changing society, our teenagers are facing health issues that are vastly different from those faced by earlier generations. Rebekah Fraser speaks to youth health experts about how best to support them.

Are superfoods worthy of the hype?

Superfoods are the celebrities of healthy diets. They have an impressive following, with people spending up large on items that claim to improve health, help with weight loss and even cure diseases. Ruby Harfield investigates the hype.

Winning the war against acne at any age

Dermatologist Dr Victoria Scott-Lang says acne is a medical condition and should not be accepted as the norm – at any age. As she outlines here, there is lots that can be done about it.

Young men failing to launch: Is too much gaming creating vampires?

With the summer holidays on the horizon, Jody Hopkinson talks to Dion Howard about supporting young people whose gaming habits are negatively impacting on their own and their families’ lives.

The not-so-secret weapon for busy women

Jude Barback asks New Zealand novelist and super-busy woman Catherine Robertson how she balances a hectic life with “hormonal shenanigans”.

Bouncing back after baby

Nutritionist and new mum Kate Walker says good nutrition and exercise is vital for the physical, emotional and mental health of mothers with young babies.

Time to take action on diabetes

With November being Diabetes Action Month, Diabetes New Zealand is challenging all Kiwi families to act now to live well.

Navigating New Zealand’s dental care

Unlike most other healthcare in New Zealand, dental care is not publicly funded, and the cost can deter people from getting treatment. While children and adolescents are entitled to free basic oral health services...


Hope-No description needed!

This inspiring young mum of two was recently diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and after exploring all treatment options decided on a combination...


Psychological support for the wellbeing of Frontline healthcare workers during the...

Sponsored article chnnl (pronounced channel), an app which anonymously tracks employee mental wellbeing, is helping healthcare providers across New Zealand provide psychological support for the...