Oz statistics show EDs’ faced busiest winter on record

New Zealand was not alone in having a tough winter with New South Wales statistics showing that the state’s emergency departments had the busiest winter on record.

UK supermarkets ban kids from buying energy drinks

A fourth UK supermarket chain has announced it will ban the sale of high-caffeine energy drinks to children under the age of 16.

Concerns over doses in ecstasy pills

A drug-testing safety group is concerned after a number of MDMA pills have been found to have more than twice the standard dosage.

Otago prediabetes treatment takes next step to human trial

Wellington men with pre-diabetes are being sought to trial a new supplement that University of Otago researchers say could be a “gamechanger” in preventing diabetes.

Conviction but no sentence for doctor who faked documents to work at Whanganui Hospital

A disgraced doctor who faked documents because he was "so desperate to get to New Zealand" has been let off without a sentence.

PHARMAC widening access to Truvada for the prevention of HIV infection

A decision to widen access to Truvada to prevent infection with HIV is a great opportunity to reduce transmission rates of HIV infections in New Zealand, says PHARMAC Chief Executive Sarah Fitt.

Research indicates Kiwis’ sugar intake not as bad as hyped

Just published research on how much added sugar Kiwis’ consume has surprised researchers as being not as bad as feared – though having a sweet tooth is still an issue, particularly for younger people.

Economic impact of Havelock North gastro outbreak reaches $21m

The total economic cost of the Havelock North gastro outbreak in August last year has been estimated at more than $21 million, according to a report released last month.

Synthetic drug disaster continues in NZ

At least five people have reportedly been put in hospital in the last 24 hours after smoking synthetic drugs in Porirua.

Lester Levy steps down as chair of the three Auckland DHBs

Lester Levy is stepping down in the New Year as chair of all three district health boards in Auckland - earlier than planned because of his new role on the Ministerial Advisory Group.


Employers anxious mental health worker settlement won’t be fully funded

The Government's intentions to extend the pay equity settlement to mental health and addiction support workers has been welcomed, but employers want to see the new settlement fully funded.