Dengue fever mosquito cleared from NZ border

The Ministry of Health has declared the border free once more of the exotic mosquito linked to dengue fever. The Ministry says Samoa is still experiencing a significant outbreak of dengue fever and travellers to Samoa still need to be cautious but fortunately dengue fever was not spread by New Zealand’s mosquito population.

UK supermarkets ban kids from buying energy drinks

A fourth UK supermarket chain has announced it will ban the sale of high-caffeine energy drinks to children under the age of 16.

Wairoa River E. coli levels four times acceptable limit

E. coli levels in the Wairoa River were nearly four times the acceptable limit last week.

Tuberculosis outbreak in Kiwi seaside town causes concern

Up to six people have contracted tuberculosis in the small seaside town of Kawhia.

PM’s pregnancy will help highlight women’s health issues, says Minister

Having one of the only Prime Ministers in history to give birth in office – happening in the same year as the 125th anniversary of women’s suffrage – is a “wonderful, positive thing!”

Breakthrough blood test brings new hope for early detection of eight common cancers

American researchers have just announced a breakthrough single blood test for eight common cancer types – including “silent killers” like pancreatic and ovarian cancer that currently have no screening tests.

Bowel screening roll-out delays put down to IT and staffing issues

A year delay in the roll-out of the National Bowel Screening Programme is being blamed on software issues and the need for more colonoscopists in some regions.

Sugar tax could have “unintended consequences”

Thinktank policy analyst suggests we should wait and see if sugar taxes introduced overseas have an impact on obesity and health outcomes before rushing to introduce a sugar tax in New Zealand.

Hawke’s Bay Hospital at capacity, forced to cancel surgeries

Hawke's Bay Hospital in Hastings is operating at capacity and is cancelling some elective surgeries in coming days.

Concerns over doses in ecstasy pills

A drug-testing safety group is concerned after a number of MDMA pills have been found to have more than twice the standard dosage.


Employers anxious mental health worker settlement won’t be fully funded

The Government's intentions to extend the pay equity settlement to mental health and addiction support workers has been welcomed, but employers want to see the new settlement fully funded.