Burdensome ongoing competency requirements may be reviewed

The Nursing Council is aware of nurses frustration at the ongoing competency requirements and may review them, says retiring chief executive Carolyn Reed.

Scabs, scars and better wound healing

Nursing Review talks to wound care nurse specialist Sharon Cassidy about the best ways to reduce scarring.

NP named Neonatal Nurse of the Year

Wellington neonatal nurse practitioner Paula Dellabarca was recently named as the Neonatal Nurses College Aotearoa’s ‘Neonatal nurse of the year’.

Cancer nurse wins research fellowship into bowel cancer symptom ‘shyness’

Cancer nurse and PhD student Melissa Warren hopes to help save lives by researching why people with signs of bowel cancer put off seeking help until symptoms become severe.

Filipino nurse leader appointed to Nursing Council

The first Filipino nurse has been appointed to the Nursing Council of New Zealand reflecting the growing number of Philippine-trained nurses in the Kiwi nursing workforce.

Opinion: Jenny Carryer – why do nurses feel undervalued? Let me count the ways…

In a year where nursing grievances made headlines, Professor Jenny Carryer reflects on the long and ongoing struggle for nursing to be heard.

Filmmaker captures the essence of nursing

Carolyn Jones thought a nurse was a nurse until she had breast cancer. The New York filmmaker spoke in New Zealand last week about how that experience prompted a series of films to tell the stories of the powerful impact nurses make every day.

Seven out of 20 DHBs made plans for $38m safe staffing fund

Immediate relief of stretched nursing workload areas is still some time away for most DHBs with seven plans submitted to date for the $38m short-term extra staffing fund.

Feared loss of nurses to DHBs turning into reality, says aged care sector

The feared exit of aged care nurses to DHBs is eventuating, says the Aged Care Association. One facility manager, working nights to cover roster gaps, fears the pay gap could “bleed aged care dry”. NZNO argues that migration is not the answer.

Opinion: Monina Hernandez – migrant nurses shouldn’t be channeled only into aged care

More investment in the aged care nursing workforce is the answer to shortages, argues Monina Hernandez, not channeling migrant nurses into a specialty that may not be their preferred choice.



Sponsored: Hydration – Why is it so important for older people?

A closer look at the risks of dehydration – particularly for older people – and what can be done to reduce these risks.