Opinion: Tony Fernando – Compassion insights for doctors and nurses from end-of-life patients

Compassion requires very little effort from doctors and nurses but it will be remembered by our patients until the end, says Dr Tony Fernando.

Opinion: Deborah Hill Cone – More money will not fix our mental health crisis

The government has recognised that and announced a wide-ranging review of mental health. Commentators from both ends of the spectrum, who wouldn't normally agree on a whole lot have chorused in unison that what it is all about is: money and needing more of it.

Opinion: Tony Dowell – Lessons for all from researching communication in health care

All health care professionals can enhance their communication skills to help improve their patients’ outcomes, suggests Professor Tony Dowell following a research project observing doctors, nurses and other health professionals at work.

Opinion: Kate Hawkesby – Mental health inquiry cheaper than doing nothing

Kate Hawkesby say's it's pleasing to see mental health back in the spotlight because, like it or not, we’re all going to be affected by it at some stage of our lives.

Opinion: Mark Ross – Animal health sector committed to addressing antibiotic resistance

Antibiotics are vital for treating people and animals because there are no alternatives to treating life-threatening bacterial infections. The world has recognised that antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a challenge that costs lives.

Doctor: Make euthanasia drug available in pharmacies for over 18s

An Auckland medical specialist argues making a drug to assist dying available in pharmacies would be far easier to manage than bringing in legislation.

David E. Richmond: In 40 years of terminal care I’ve never seen unmanageable suffering

We cannot judge the effectiveness of today's palliative care by comparing it with what was available even just 10 years ago writes David E. Richmond

Letters: A new model of healthcare

Health decisions require careful analysis of the competing factions of good service delivery, endlessly rising costs, parochial nonsense and the powerful vested interests of the senior professionals who work in both the public and private sectors write Wayne Brown.

Opinion: Victoria Brown – Wholesale closures of facilities likely if things don’t change

Care Association New Zealand (CANZ) director VICTORIA BROWN says implementation of the pay equity settlement has brought many facilities to the brink of closure.

Dr Jack Havill: Euthanasia would not harm doctors asked to assist

Opponents of medically-assisted dying typically resort to emotive misleading language in their bid to continue denying choice to the majority of New Zealanders who want a compassionate change in the law.


Advertising Standards Authority upholds complaint against Santa

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) Complaints Board has agreed that Santa should not be used in advertising that promotes Coca Cola to children and young people.