Opinion: Jenny Carryer – GP shortage gets headlines while NP answer ignored

Stories about communities hit hard by GP shortages have gained a lot of airtime in recent months. Professor Jenny Carryer argues it is time for mainstream media to open their eyes to one answer – nurse practitioners.

Anti-vaxxers ‘extremely dangerous’: Professor Brian Cox

The anti-vaccination movement gaining traction across the world is "extremely dangerous" and more of a threat than an asteroid strike, according to a highly respected British professor.

Opinion: what the pay equity settlement really means for aged care

INsite editor JUDE BARBACK reflects on what yesterday's pay equity settlement announcement means for the sectors involved.

Baby booms to delirium: an experience of overseas dialogue in nursing practice

Two Kiwi nursing academics invited to China to teach an acute care nursing workshop were nonplussed to find themselves also quasi-advisors on managing nursing shortages in the wake of China’s one-child policy coming to an end. 

Opinion: Arish Naresh – Age limit hampering new oral health therapists from making a...

Oral Health Therapists across the Tasman can provide basic dental care to people up to age 26. Arish Naresh asks why they can’t do the same this side of the ditch?

Opinion: Dr Sinead Donnelly – Palliative medicine uses morphine with care

Doctors do not intentionally end the lives of their patients by giving too much morphine, says a palliative care doctor affronted by comments from End of Life Choice Bill MP David Seymour.

David E. Richmond: In 40 years of terminal care I’ve never seen unmanageable suffering

We cannot judge the effectiveness of today's palliative care by comparing it with what was available even just 10 years ago writes David E. Richmond

Opinion: Mike Hosking – Do we really need 20 district health boards?

Derek Wright strikes me as a nice bloke. I interviewed him last week. He is the interim boss at the Waikato District Health Board...

Dr Jack Havill: Euthanasia would not harm doctors asked to assist

Opponents of medically-assisted dying typically resort to emotive misleading language in their bid to continue denying choice to the majority of New Zealanders who want a compassionate change in the law.

Nursing in China: how does it compare?

A baby boom, not retiring nurses, is one of the major nursing workforce issues in China. Chinese nursing director Zheng Ying Wang reflects on other differences and similarities in nursing practice between our two countries.


Employers anxious mental health worker settlement won’t be fully funded

The Government's intentions to extend the pay equity settlement to mental health and addiction support workers has been welcomed, but employers want to see the new settlement fully funded.