Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Opinion: Professor Barry Borman – Data deluge needs human analytical filter

The current formula of gathering endless amounts of data, which is then not analysed and intrepreted in a meaningful way, poses potential health risks to New Zealanders and needs to be addressed urgently writes Professor Barry Borman

Opinion: Ray Lind – the benefits and challenges of Pay Equity

On reflecting on 2017, Careerforce chief executive RAY LIND says the Pay Equity settlement, while welcome, has not been without its challenges.

Weekend Herald editorial: Expenses call into question a need for 20 DHBs

The Weekend Herald's editorial asks whether a population of 4.5 million need so many (or any) district health boards?

Opinion: Dr Sinead Donnelly – Palliative medicine uses morphine with care

Doctors do not intentionally end the lives of their patients by giving too much morphine, says a palliative care doctor affronted by comments from End of Life Choice Bill MP David Seymour.

Opinion: Maria Baker – Real concerns highlighted over mental health services for Māori

Mental health services need to actively address the growing use of seclusion and restraint on Māori clients, says Te Rau Matatini CEO Maria Baker.

Opinion: Rachel Smalley – ACC is being a real ASS

The three family members struck down by suspected botulism after eating wild boar face a six-figure bill to cover their medical expenses.

Opinion: John Roughan – We don’t need a national water police

Until a lot of people got sick in Havelock North last year I'd supposed every town in New Zealand had chlorinated water. Why wouldn't they? It's one of the things that distinguishes even modestly advanced countries from the Third World. We can confidently tell tourists it's safe to drink the water.

Opinion: Deborah Hill Cone – Blocks that stop us accepting truth

It's hard to write about this. While I'm happy to share (overshare) my own stories and I frequently do, horny, heartbroken, haggard, whatever, it feels presumptuous to write about other people's pain. Not to mention once when I wrote about suicide, I got myself into public trouble. (Sample email responses: You are a filthy human maggot/tacky goblin).

Opinion: Michael Baker – Inquiry highlights “erosion” in national public health capacity

The hard-hitting Havelock North inquiry report should be grabbed as an opportunity to review and rebuild public health capacity nationwide, argues Public Health Professor Michael Baker.

Opinion: Max Towle – ‘We should never ignore bad dreams’

A few nights ago I decided to give acting a go...


Midwifery in ‘crisis’ with pregnant women unable to find lead maternity...

Midwives have appealed to the Government to urgently deal with a "crisis" in their sector, as they say pregnant women are struggling to get maternity care.