Opinion: Claire Terblanche – the tortuous path for overseas GP to become NZ GP

An experienced South African GP shares the frustration of reading of New Zealand’s GP shortages when she and her colleagues can face years of waiting before they can practice.

Opinion: Nicky Wagner – vaping law change needed now

Regulating vaping – including allowing sales of nicotine-vaping liquids – is needed now to meet the Smokefree 2025 goal, says MP Nicky Wagner who has submitted a private member’s bill based on her work as former associate health minister.

Jacqui de Ruiter: Where are the women in abortion law-reform discussion?

Jacqui de Ruiter says if there's going to be a conversation about abortion, let it be open and honest.

Opinion: Eric Crampton – bittersweet on Otago’s sugar tax response

New Zealand Initiative economist Eric Crampton responds to University of Otago researchers recent call for a UK-style soft drinks levy and their critique of the NZIER sugary drink tax report.

Public Health Expert: And now the Brits are doing it: A sugary drink tax...

From 1 April 2018, the UK is putting in place a type of sugary drinks tax – actually a “soft drinks industry levy”. This blog reviews how they are doing it, early signs of its success, and ponders its relevance for NZ. We also take this opportunity to point out some problems with a recent NZIER Report on sugary drink taxes.

Opinion: Julian Buchanan – NZ’s ‘deadly’ indifference to drug overdose antidote

Criminologist Dr Julian Buchanan argues that New Zealand’s current policy on naxolone – the take-home antidote to drug overdoses – is showing a deadly indifference to a vulnerable group of people.

Opinion: Paul Anderson – a novel solution to ever-lengthening waiting lists?

Surgeon Paul Anderson offers a free specialist review clinic, to a high needs community, that he believes could be a model for making a real difference to waiting list woes.

Opinion: “We are at our wits’ end” – one family’s experience of navigating the...

A young woman shares with HealthCentral the frustration she and her family feel as they struggle to navigate the mental health system to get the right help and support for her sister.

Opinion: Warwick Brunton – keep calm and do something different

Historian Dr Warwick Brunton has studied all our major mental health inquiries of the past 150 years. He thinks this latest inquiry has the potential to offer ‘generational hope’ if it has the courage – and resourcing – to learn from the mistakes of the past and do things differently.

Opinion: Julian Buchanan – Could ‘legalising’ drugs benefit the privileged and penalise the poor?

Criminologist Dr Julian Buchanan says drug reform is overdue but argues that legal regulation of prohibited drugs, like cannabis, may only benefit those who can afford legally-approved drugs.


Death: the symptoms of dying

How much do many of us actually know about the act of dying? In the first of Health Central’s special focus on death and dying – The Death Series – FIONA CASSIE talks to palliative care specialist Brian Ensor about the symptoms of dying.


Follow your passion: Study health

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