Response: Cancer Society – Research does indicate sunscreen reduces melanoma risk

Critically review the available evidence and you will conclude sunscreen reduces the risk of skin cancer, says Cancer Society CEO Mike Kernaghan - following Ian Wishart claims that sunscreen is ineffective.

What’s the evidence that sunscreens reduce melanoma?

The recent Consumer NZ test of sunscreen brands ignores the ‘elephant in the room’ –the lack of evidence that sunscreens may not protect from melanoma, argues Ian Wishart.

Opinion: Mark Hanna – Does your sticking plaster really heal ‘twice as fast’?

Band-Aid is a household name, but can you trust the way they’re promoted? Mark Hanna investigates.

Response: Legalising vaping ‘fantastic public health opportunity’ to save lives

The risk of a few teenagers vaping is an acceptable trade-off for thousands of adults quitting smoking, says a visiting international expert on the health impacts of e-cigarettes.

Rachel Smalley: Breast is best, but not easy for everyone

Breast is best. That much we know, and that's what women are told from the moment they enter motherhood. 

Opinion: Jacek Kolodziej – Record HIV diagnoses last year but tide may be turning

There were record HIV diagnoses last year but two important changes are on the way that could make a difference, argues PhD student Jacek Kolodziej.

OPINION: Matt Doocey – Cross-party approach needed to tackle mental health issues

National’s first mental health spokesman Matt Doocey says he will be strongly advocating for a cross-party and cross-government approach to improving mental health outcomes.

Opinion: Paul Anderson – One surgeon’s immersion in a Māori nursing programme

A New Zealand-born surgeon – who spent most of his career overseas – shares the lessons he’s learnt from becoming an anatomy teacher for the country’s only kaupapa Māori nursing degree – and how he is now sharing that learning.

Infant formula should be prescription only – maternity group

Access to infant milk formula should be restricted "more like prescription drugs", a maternity group says.

Opinion: Arish Naresh – Age limit hampering new oral health therapists from making a...

Oral Health Therapists across the Tasman can provide basic dental care to people up to age 26. Arish Naresh asks why they can’t do the same this side of the ditch?


Employers anxious mental health worker settlement won’t be fully funded

The Government's intentions to extend the pay equity settlement to mental health and addiction support workers has been welcomed, but employers want to see the new settlement fully funded.