Opinion: Dr Tracy Chandler – will today’s children die younger due to poor health?

Dr Tracy Chandler (a.k.a. Dr Wellness) says we should all be encouraged to make health choices that allow us to thrive in life, not merely survive.

Opinion: Hector Matthews – diversity, inclusion and the Treaty

The health sector needs to be ‘deliberate and bold’ in improving its performance in meeting the health needs of Māori, argues Hector Matthews.

Opinion: Ananish Chaudhuri – Racial bias unlikely in resuscitation attempts for premature births

Doctors' racial bias is unlikely to explain resuscitation rates for babies says Ananish Chaudhuri.

Opinion: Nathan Consedine & Tony Fernando – Compassion is more than an ‘optional extra’

Compassion fatigue is real but compassion really does matter in health, argues an Auckland psychologist and a psychiatrist. Not only for patients but also the health professionals delivering their care.

Opinion: Dr Tracy Chandler – Heartburn and indigestion

In this week’s opinion piece, Dr Tracy Chandler (a.k.a. Dr Wellness) says the reason that many patients on stomach-acid-lowering medications continue to suffer reflux is because of too little stomach acid – the opposite of what conventional medicine tells us.

Opinion: Keith McLea – Gastro ‘terrible event but ‘useful science’

New research from groundwater scientists has shown that campylobacter can survive in the groundwater system for two weeks, writes Dr Keith McLea.

Opinion: Dr Tracy Chandler – Stress management

In this week’s opinion piece, Dr Tracy Chandler (a.k.a. Dr Wellness) talks about some quick and natural solutions for managing stress.

Response: Monina Hernandez – migrant nurses shouldn’t be channelled only into aged care

More investment in the aged care nursing workforce is the answer to shortages, argues Monina Hernandez, not channelling migrant nurses into a specialty that may not be their preferred choice.

Opinion: Dr Tracy Chandler on stress

This week, Mental Health Awareness Week, Dr Tracy Chandler (a.k.a. Dr Wellness) says we need to be mindful of the many triggers of stress.

Opinion: Marion Blake – sector ready for bold, courageous action

Hopeful messages flood the airwaves for Mental Health Awareness Week but these sharply contrast with the frustration of many interacting with or working in the mental health system, says Marion Blake.


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