Barry Soper: Greg Boyed and the silent disease of depression

There's nothing that stops you in your tracks like when you hear that someone you knew as a healthy, successful individual has suddenly died.

Grant McLachlan: Fragmented social services are not helping us well

The biggest problem with our health and welfare systems is that we have so many of them.

Kyle MacDonald: Why gay conversion therapy should be banned

Last week two petitions with a total of over 20,000 signatures were presented to the Government calling for "gay conversion therapy" to be made illegal.

Opinion: Mark Jones – Now for the honest conversation…

Former chief nurse Dr Mark Jones believes with the DHB NZNO deal settled it’s now time for an honest conversation about how many nurses we need as a country and how much we are ready to spend.

Vaughan Gunson: Cannabis use for medical purposes should have been done and dusted by...

According to recent polling, nearly 90 per cent of us favour the use of medicinal cannabis for chronic pain relief.

Opinion: Health experts respond to ‘appalling’ synthetic drug death toll

Alarming provisional coroner figures indicate that between 40-45 people died from synthetic drugs in the previous 12 months. Three health experts – including an Emergency Medicine Specialist – shared their responses with the Science Media Centre.

Paul Little: Smoking isn’t just bad for your health

It's 11 years since I stopped smoking, defying the predictions of all who know me, including not only my immediate family, but also my GP: "I just had you down as a lifelong smoker" she said supportively when I broke the news.

Giles Newton-Howes: Is medicinal cannabis a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

As the debate over legalising medical cannabis burns on, the arguments for potential benefits need to be weighed against the arguments for potential risks, particularly to mental health and society's view of the drug generally.

Barry Soper: Medicinal cannabis bill

Trouble is if you leave it to the squabbling politicians chances are you're not going to get what you want.

Opinion: Anna Dobson – Safe staffing should be separate from pay talks

DHB nurse Anna Dobson argues that safe staffing is too important to be held hostage to pay talks. She has launched a petition calling for the Ministry of Health and MBIE ¬– not district health boards – to be responsible for funding and monitoring safe staffing of hospital wards.


More than just a ‘pill for every ill’

Dr Tracy Chandler (a.k.a. Dr Wellness) says we need to move beyond the current ‘pill for every ill’ model of general practice to a more patient-centred integrative approach.


Sponsored: Why the mitochondria are becoming the next big health topic

Health consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of cellular dysfunction when it comes to healthy aging and managing health issues