English: Govt playing politics over approach to health sector

Opposition leader Bill English says the Government is playing politics with its "brutal" blanket approach to the health sector.

Rachel Stewart: BigAg must wake up to synthetic threat

The food revolution is here but despite all the evidence, industry leaders don't believe plant-based meat and synthetic milk is a risk to the industry.

The Pay Equity methodology explained

MAX ROBINS, Deputy Chair of the New Zealand Aged Care Association and Chief Executive of CHT Healthcare Trust says the pay equity funding formula used to fund the residential aged care sector is "far more complex than a simple statement that there are winners and losers and therefore the methodology is unfair". Here, he outlines the funding methodology.

Northland doctor: people are dying from lack of funding

A Kaitaia doctor says people are dying and suffering in the region because of a lack of health funding.

Board member calls for New Zealand’s district health boards to be reduced by half

New Zealand has too many district health boards and they should be cut by half to free up desperately needed health dollars, says one board member.

Opinion: Intentional rounding – the best intentions or is nursing being dumbed-down?

Australian nursing professor Philip Darbyshire hears that New Zealand is 'dabbling' with the 'horror' of 'Intentional Rounding'. Check out from his blog from across the Tasman on the topic.

Opinion: GP says more NPs not answer – at least not yet

Nursing Review shares GP Philip Harrison's online comment in response to Jenny Carryer's call to train more NPs not GPs to meet rural health needs. Harrison once worked with a "really great primary care NP" and values good nursing but thinks Carryer's proposal has "its head in the clouds".

Profile: the art of extreme nursing

In early March Andrew Cameron was close-by to an attack in Kabul that left many dead. But Nursing Review reports the modest Kiwi Red Cross veteran and 'outback' nurse specialist is probably more perturbed by the launch next week of a book telling his life story…

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear scrubs

Young cancer survivor and New Zealand Herald columnist Jake Bailey reflects on growing assaults against healthcare workers and a Queensland law making an impact across the Tasman.

Train more NPs not GPs says nurse leader

JENNY CARRYER argues that an answer to the ongoing concern about rural GP shortages is in "plain sight" - stop the calls to train more GPs and invest more in training NPs instead.


Health warnings on beer & wine labels ‘highly deficient’

The current voluntary labelling of health warnings on alcoholic drinks isn’t working suggests a group of medical students after a study finding ‘pea-sized’ and vague label warnings.