Opinion: Ian Powell – ‘Mammoth’ DHBs not the answer

Ian Powell argues that the major health system review currently underway should not be creating “mammoth” DHBs but instead encouraging clinically-led networking between community health and hospitals – locally, regionally and nationally.

Does my bum look big with this stick?

Shona Daubé worked as a registered nurse for 36 years, latterly in the aged care sector. Four years ago she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). She has written two light-hearted books about living with MS and has a vision to distribute them freely to people with chronic health conditions.

Opinion: Andy Espersen – Charity and compassion lacking in modern mental health

Retired psychiatric nurse Andy Espersen responds to the recent impassioned plea from the South Island mother seeking better support for people like her son who fall through the gaps in the mental health system.

Opinion: Marita Broadstock – Keeping guidelines real and alive

New Zealand’s innovative “living guideline” process keeps our Autism Spectrum Disorder Guideline relevant and “alive”, says researcher Marita Broadstock.

Opinion: Miles Williams – the ethical argument for legalising euthanasia

Cardiologist Miles Williams considers what is a good death and argues why he believes it is time for medicine and society to accept the option of assisted dying as part of an inevitable evolution in human rights.

Opinion: Arish Naresh – does your practice need all that throwaway plastic?

It’s Plastic Free July and Arish Naresh thinks it's a good time for dental (and medical) practices to question whether infection control really demands so much throw-away plastic.

Opinion: Martin Woods – Nursing ethics and striking

Is it ethical for nurses to strike or should they resist from doing so because withdrawing nursing care may cause harm? Dr Martin Woods shares his opinion.

Opinion: ‘Our hearts are broken as much as our son’s brain’

A mother and grandmother from a small South Island rural town has written to the Health Minister and Prime Minister sharing her frustration and heartbreak in seeking help for her son – who has both mental health and P addiction problems – and calling for greater support and therapy options for people like her son.

Opinion: Efeso Collins – obesity is a crisis for my community

Auckland Councillor Efeso Collins talks to Hāpai Te Hauora about new data on obesity in Auckland and what he wants done differently to combat the obesity crisis in his community.

Editorial: Health targets need to be published

Any new performance measures should be published.



Sponsored: Why the mitochondria are becoming the next big health topic

Health consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of cellular dysfunction when it comes to healthy aging and managing health issues