Disability Issues and Associate Health Minister Nicky Wagner today announced the group responsible for designing the new disability support system.

“The co-design process is an exciting opportunity for leaders in the disability sector to work in partnership with government to transform the disability support system,” Ms Wagner says.

The co-design group is made up of five disabled leaders, two family representatives and two service providers. It includes Māori and Pacific perspectives, people based in Palmerston North — the first region to be transformed, and people involved in the Enabling Good Lives (EGL) demonstrations at a national level and in Waikato and Christchurch.

The members of the co-design group are Jade Farrar, Shane McInroe, Gerri Pomeroy, Helena Tuteao, Esther Woodbury, Lawrence Chok, Tina Lincoln, David Matthews and John Taylor.

“The current system doesn’t work well for all disabled people, so there’s a great deal riding on this co-design phase — it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to provide better support and better services for disabled people and their families. We need to get it right,” Ms Wagner says.

“Our mission is to give disabled people more opportunities, more choice and greater control over the supports they receive.

“I’m incredibly grateful to all members of the group for taking on this challenge and I look forward to working together.”

The co-design process is the beginning of a nationwide transformation of the disability support system, based on the EGL vision and principles.  The transformation will initially focus on those receiving support from Disability Support Services in the Mid-Central region.

Cabinet is expected to consider advice on the proposed system design in mid-2017.


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