St John Thomas’ book takes children on an adventure with their own grandfather in a way that allows the reader to take control.

The main character is not featured in the book so any child can imagine themselves in the story.

Grandpa’s funny noises capture the reader’s attention in a way that is endearing and does not make fun of the common side effects of aging.

The book elicits many laughs while working out what Grandpa’s noises mean and saying them out loud, especially the less eloquent ones that most kids find hilarious.

Rowe’s illustrations guide the children through each page with such vibrant colours and interesting details that it engages even the most distracted listeners, such as my three year old who now asks to read about Grandpa almost daily.

The cat in each page is a nice touch and exciting to search for.

The book shows a kind and loving relationship between the main character and their grandfather.

It also helps children feel more comfortable with aging and see it as not such a strange and scary thing.

Children of any age, but especially younger readers (or listeners), and parents will have fun exploring this light-hearted and charming book about the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren.

Published by EK Books an imprint of Exisle Publishing. RRP $24.99. ISBN:  9781925335989


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