Angela Caughey

How to Communicate with Someone who has Dementia by Angela Caughey

Within 128 pages Angela has provided tips, hints and lessons from life as a caregiver to a person who manages dementia.  Dementia changes how a person responds to communication and how they can communicate.  Exactly how and when the changes occur can depend on a number of factors including the person with dementia’s insight, physical well-being, relationships, any emotional stress and insight into their financial situation.

Angela clearly guides the reader through all of these factors providing succinct examples of how people have adapted their life to become caregiver so that frustrations are minimised.  This book is a useful tool for people who are about to embark on their journey as caregivers so they can plan to care well and maintain their own wellbeing.

By reflecting on the stories in the book people supporting caregivers and stakeholders of the person with dementia can gain an appreciation of the significant challenges of this journey and how they can be of most use and support the person to live well with dementia and enjoy community engagement in a Dementia friendly Aotearoa.

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