Keeping on top of staff training needs is sometimes easier said than done. The realities of shift work, varying caregiver hours and busy rest home life in general can make staff education and training difficult. But thanks to digital technology, training is becoming more accessible and flexible than ever.

Care Training Online has utilised the benefits of the web, making it easier for facilities to get their staff trained. Facilities can choose to roll out group training sessions or encourage a more learner-led approach, allowing staff to complete their training in their own time on their smart phones, tablets or PCs.

Ultimate Care Group’s National Quality Manager Vanessa Kingsbury says Care Training Online works well for their 17 facilities.

“Training is such a huge focus, and it can be hard to access,” she says.

Kingsbury likes that Care Training Online offers consistent and accessible training, while also allowing for flexible delivery. The system’s flexibility means that training can be delivered in different ways to meet the varying needs of UCG’s facilities, as well as the different learning styles of staff.

“It’s about finding out what suits each site. What suits one doesn’t suit them all,” she says.

Some offer facilitated training sessions, but if a staff member can’t attend they can simply complete it online when it suits them.

“If it’s quiet on the floor, they can complete a session on the computers.”

Care Training Online is an affordable option for organisations such as UCG. Its fee structure works on a per-organisation charge, rather than a per-person charge. As facilities don’t need to bring in outside trainers or send people off-site for training, they can run their training programme very economically.

Care Training Online offers a large series of modules on topics ranging from nutrition to privacy to medications to sexuality. There are currently 36 topics in total with 11 meeting Level 2 unit standards and another four in production.

Each module has online quizzes and these will soon be accompanied by online assessments. The assessments are expected to be ready online later this year.

Once a quiz has been completed, staff can either print a certificate of completion or send the result through to their educator.

The assessments offered by Care Training Online are not registered by NZQA, but they can be used to work towards completing a Level 2 qualification. For a qualification, staff can complete the assessment and send it through to their onsite or roving assessor for marking. The assessor can then decide whether they can rate the person as competent or if further discussion is required to obtain clarity. Once the assessor is happy, they can then download the Careerforce assessment and the student can complete the required pages for their qualification. Each student must have a training agreement (including payment of qualification fees) with Careerforce.

Care Training Online founder Leigh Kelly hopes to get material for Level 3 qualifications up and running by next year.

Kelly, a registered nurse, launched Care Training Online in 2011. This was a natural progression from the workshop-based Clinical Update training, which she ran for eight years. Initially aimed at nurses, the programme has expanded over the years into management and caregiver training. Kelly still provides around six Clinical Update workshops for registered and enrolled nurses in Auckland.

Kelly believes that Care Training Online provides an efficient and affordable solution to staff training.

“They can do it in a group, or individually – on their own or facilitated. It is comprehensive, accurate and very relevant to the workplace. It’s easier than sitting reading a manual, and quicker because the segments are short and can be done in shifts,” she says.

Care Training Online can be accessed here.


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