Group therapy. Photo/Getty

The New Zealand Psychological Society wants to see changes to the public perception of visiting a psychologist.

It believes psychologists are preventing problems occurring, while assisting people to live happy and creative lives.

President Dr Quentin Abraham said one in six New Zealand employees experience mental health issues at any one time, costing $2,000 per year, per employee.

He said there should be no stigma to being willing to seek support in the workplace.

“I think there’s a real challenge here for us to help people be able to approach support without feeling that their not doing their work properly.”

It’s thought better access to psychologists in the workplace would have benefits not only for employees, but to the economy as well.

A report from the United Kingdom highlights poor workplace mental health is estimated to cost the economy 99 billion pounds per year.

Dr Abraham said some can thrive in the workplace, while others struggle and small amounts are absent.

“If you want an economy to be successful, it makes sense to employ psychologists or people who are experts in supporting people live their lives and do their work well.”

Source: Newstalk ZB


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