Careerforce and Health Ed Trust (HET) have announced their intention to merge.

From next month two entities will merge with Careerforce assuming the responsibility of supporting all workplace training HET has and is engaged in. HET staff will transfer to Careerforce.

It is not the first time a merger has been proposed between the two organisations. In 2012, they fell out over Careerforce’s failure to renew HET’s agreement last year, leaving HET in an untenable situation. At the time, a merger was discussed as a potential solution and both parties agreed that this was the best way forward. However, subsequent discussions involving payment to HET of $500,000 quickly saw the proposed amalgamation dissolve. HET believed the money was to “buy them out” and close down the ACE programmes within two years while Careerforce maintained the money was to show support for HET’s continued operation.

Four years on, Careerforce and HET appear to have reconciled their differences and the merger is set to happen on May 2nd this year.

The parties have stated that little will change for how trainees interact with their workplace training. They have said they are dedicated to ensuring the transition is not a burden to any workplace.


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