Saturday, September 21, 2019

Watch: ChalkTalks panel interviews

Health Central Editor, Jude Barback talks to the Wellbeing in the Workplace panellists ahead of the panel discussion.

Is bullying rife in Kiwi workplaces?

Has the proverbial can of worms been opened on the issue of workplace bullying following the concerning findings of the Francis Review? The Health Central ChalkTalks panel discusses.

WATCH: ChalkTalks | Wellbeing in the Workplace – Summary coverage

WATCH: Summary of Health Central ChalkTalks panel discussion on Wellbeing in the Workplace. Full coverage to follow!

The right to disconnect: is flexible working doing more harm than good?

Social media and wellbeing researcher Alex Beattie says we need to clarify boundaries between work time and home time. By Jude Barback.

Workplace wellbeing built on good job design and culture

Panellists of Health Central’s ChalkTalks panel discussion agreed that wellbeing in any workplace can only flourish if employers are focused on getting the job design, organisational culture and fundamental basics of employment right first.

Are you being bullied at work?

An investigation into claims of bullying by retirement commissioner Diane Maxwell has come back clear but it highlights the fact that bullying at work can often be difficult to identify.

It’s time to stamp out bullying in the workplace

Revelations of bullying in Parliament drive home the need to have this conversation about bullying in the workplace now. Our panel discussion tonight in Wellington will discuss bullying and other aspects of wellbeing in the workplace – there are still a few tickets left, so do come along to hear expert opinions on this important topic.

Announcing new expert panellist to Workplace Wellbeing panel discussion

WorkSafe's Jude Urlich will be an excellent addition to tonight's eagerly awaited panel discussion on Wellbeing in the Workplace.

Wellbeing in the Workplace: Are we making progress?

In anticipation of next week’s Health Central ChalkTalks panel discussion on Wellbeing in the Workplace and the release of the Wellbeing Budget the week after, we ask our panellists why wellbeing is such a hot topic and whether we’re making progress in our workplaces.

Beyond the free fruit and yoga: what does wellbeing in the workplace really look...

The modern workplace is brimming with wellbeing initiatives, but unless these are underpinned by a culture that truly values and looks after its employees, these initiatives won’t benefit businesses in the way they hoped. By Jude Barback.


More than just a ‘pill for every ill’

Dr Tracy Chandler (a.k.a. Dr Wellness) says we need to move beyond the current ‘pill for every ill’ model of general practice to a more patient-centred integrative approach.


“There for me every step of the way”

“Lucky” is not an adjective many people would choose after going through what Barbara Bew experienced.  Yet despite enduring a terrifying domestic assault after...