Kiwi families say no to 50 tonnes of sugar

Foodstuffs has revealed today that its school-based Food for Thought nutrition education programme has resulted in New Zealand families reducing their sugar intake from soft drinks alone by a massive 50 tonnes.

Mums matter: Postnatal trauma haunts years later

Ellen Chisholm is a mother who suffered a traumatic birth and was pressured to leave hospital less than three hours after giving birth and drive an hour north.

Disability, advocacy, activism as a mother

For the mothers of disabled children, navigating the roles of advocate and activist can be complex, confronting and a constant struggle. Now seven women – all mothers of disabled children, activists and academics – have co-authored a paper about the growing disability rights movement.

Microplastics in drinking water signals need to curb plastic pollution

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released a report on microplastics in drinking water, including an early assessment of potential risks to human health. The report says we're all drinking microplastics, and the direct effects...

Research shows self-administered cervical screening has lifesaving potential

Research from Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington has shown the offer of an HPV self-test could increase the uptake of cervical screening by almost three times for under-screened Māori women.

Antibiotics are harmless – a “common fallacy”

Healthcare professionals and the public alike are being urged to consider the use of antibiotics this winter. University of Auckland associate professor of infectious diseases Dr Mark Thomas said we all needed to be mindful...

School pays for all pupils to be vaccinated for meningococcal disease

Kaihu Valley School Principal Sonia Simeon swung into action when she learned the school's 16 pupils were not eligible for free meningococcal vaccination.

New survey seeks much needed data on Māori health workforce

For the first time in a decade, a nationwide survey of Māori working in the health sector is underway. By Rebekah Fraser.

Going to a GP expensive for too many Kiwis, says report

The cost of going to a GP is a main factor in stopping people who need medical help from visiting a doctor.

Countdown’s huge donation for children at Tauranga and Whakatane hospitals

A sizable cheque has been donated this morning to help buy more medical equipment for children at Tauranga and Whakatane hospitals.


Opinion: Dr Tracey Chandler – Health pregnancy optimisation tips (for you,...

Whilst pregnancy is an exciting time for most, it does take some planning to keep both you and baby well. Ideally you would see...

Opinion: Hope is the key


Psychological support for the wellbeing of Frontline healthcare workers during the...

Sponsored article chnnl (pronounced channel), an app which anonymously tracks employee mental wellbeing, is helping healthcare providers across New Zealand provide psychological support for the...