Nurses and midwives continue to fight for collective agreement

An improved pay offer was confirmed as the highest priority in a survey of district health board nurses held in the lead-up to nurse’s union and employers starting mediation today

ACC medical advisers strike after ‘gutsful’ of employer’s approach

Two Hawke's Bay ACC medical advisers will join 39 others in walking off the job today because of what they say is their employer's "cavalier" approach to pay, conditions and wellbeing.

NZNO acknowledges Chai Chuah’s contribution in a stressed health climate

The outgoing Director-General of Health made great contributions to the New Zealand health system while working under extreme pressure, says the chief executive of the nurses’ organisation NZNO.

Allied health staff back in talks

DHBs and the PSA return to the allied health and technical staff pay talks today with the recent Oranga Tamariki social worker’s pay equity settlement fresh in people’s minds.

Personal resilience: developing and drawing on your own resources

As 2019 began and you reviewed the stresses and successes of the previous year, you may have resolved to try to meet the challenges of the year ahead more resiliently. In this learning activity, we'll review perspectives on personal resilience, and its potential – and limits – for your professional life.

North Dakota links to new “Shortland St” general practice

A North Dakota-based health care provider, Sanford Health, has announced it will open a general practice in central Auckland next month in partnership with local provider Omni Health.

Wellington woman voted to head College of GPs

A Wellington inner city GP who campaigned on championing and adapting general practice to keep it at the forefront of healthcare has been elected the new College of GPs’ president.

EIT student Miriama discovers nursing destiny 

Since she was young, Fijian-born EIT nursing student Miriama Tawake had an interest in health and nursing. It’s fair to say, that this interest had been sparked by Miriama’s mother who works as a...

GP clinics struggle with junior doctor training demand

Many New Zealand general practices - crucial for schooling junior doctors - are at training capacity, a new research has found.

Nearly half of GPs plan to retire in next decade

Nearly half the country’s GPs are going to retire within the next 10 years, so what can we do to ensure we have enough GPs to keep up with patient demand?


Opinion: Hope is the key

In an example of conventional medicine at its worst, a patient of mine recently had her beautiful hope dashed. This inspiring young mum of two...


Psychological support for the wellbeing of Frontline healthcare workers during the...

Sponsored article chnnl (pronounced channel), an app which anonymously tracks employee mental wellbeing, is helping healthcare providers across New Zealand provide psychological support for the...