Teens are sleeping less – but there’s a surprisingly easy fix

Sleep experts agree that teens need at least nine hours of sleep a night. But by 2015, 43 percent of teens reported sleeping less than seven hours a night on most nights

P affecting teens in rural community

A youth worker concerned about the number of young people using P says an increasing number of New Zealanders are "desperately looking to escape from third world level poverty and homelessness".

Childhood obesity: empathy not judgement

Nursing Review reports that nurses need to put away their own prejudices or guilt about weight and start conversations that will help families find a healthy way forward.

How to add 10 healthy years to your life

When it comes to exercising one of the most common questions asked is, "Am I doing enough?"

Petition calls for ‘crisis level’ adult cochlear implant funding

A petition calling on the Government to adopt a sustainable funding model that reflects demand for cochlear implants has been launched by the Pindrop Foundation, NCIP and SCIP. The petition currently has 3289 signatures...

Health and Wellbeing Diploma a great fit for the financial mentoring sector

Financial mentor Kathryn Burton usually plays a key role as trainer, consultant and workshop facilitator. Recently Kathryn also sat on the other side of the desk when she enrolled in the NZ Diploma in...

‘Wrong CPR is better than none at all’: St John calls for public to...

Fewer than one in six people survived cardiac arrests that happened outside hospitals last year, the latest figures from St John show.

Careerforce-Yale partnership empowers change

Careerforce partnered with the Yale University Program for Recovery and Community Health in 2019 to support a group of emerging leaders in New Zealand to participate in the LET(s) LEAD Academy, a transformational leadership...

Turn off that screen – Kiwis warned of health risks of blue light

Too much blue light at night – from screens and artificial lights – may increase the risk of not only sleep problems but also obesity, depression and possibly cancer, says a just released report by the Royal Society Te Apārangi.

The 10 most Googled health questions answered

You've most likely Googled your own symptoms along with many people across the globe who will now consult Google before checking in with a GP or pharmacist.


Opinion: Dr Tracey Chandler – Health pregnancy optimisation tips (for you,...

Whilst pregnancy is an exciting time for most, it does take some planning to keep both you and baby well. Ideally you would see...

Opinion: Hope is the key


Psychological support for the wellbeing of Frontline healthcare workers during the...

Sponsored article chnnl (pronounced channel), an app which anonymously tracks employee mental wellbeing, is helping healthcare providers across New Zealand provide psychological support for the...